Speaking multiple languages at home

Speaking Multiple Languages at Home

Being an international family certainly has its challenges. 10 years ago when MarocBaba and I were just starting our life together we worked through a lot of issues. From overcoming immigration hurdles to being newlyweds, new parents, starting our careers, and finding our way as 20 something’s it seemed there was always something lurking around the next corner. Chances are if you’re in a similar relationship you’re familiar with these challenges. While we’ve come into…

where to swim in marrakech

Where To Go Swimming in Marrakech

It’s not a secret that Marrakech is hot – really hot. This summer has been brutal with a few days reaching over 50C. For some people (like my family back home) this doesn’t even seem possible. In such a hot climate people are constantly looking for places to cool off. While you’ll find local kids taking to the fountains around town or the irrigation channels in the “olive forest,” I don’t recommend this as your swimming go to.…


The Carry-On: Paris

This week the carry-on is heading to the city of lights – Paris! Throughout this series I’m sharing my own suggestions but I’ll also be sharing other bloggers suggestions for cities they know well. Today’s carry-on suggestions are from Rebekah Esme of rebekahesmetravels.com. Get out your skinny jeans, camera, and get ready to explore! An oversized hat. Packing tip? Flip the hat upside down, tuck your clothes around the Your digital camera for those iconic…

The Vatican with Kids

Visiting the Vatican with Kids on a Rome Shore Excursion

The second port stop for our week long Mediterranean cruise was Rome, or more precisely Civitavecchia. Knowing the difference is really important because the city you dock in is nowhere near Rome. The last time we were here we did a food tour and as tempting as it was to do this, we opted for something a bit more educational. I was torn between a Coliseum tour and the Vatican and ultimately decided on the…

Egyptian Pasta Bechamel

Egyptian Macaroni Bechamel {Pasta with Bechamel Sauce}

Today’s post comes from Aya who blogs at AyaKhalil.com. She’s a freelance journalist and mom of two. This recipe for macaroni bechamel may not sound Egyptian but I assure you it is! One of the first Egyptian meals I tasted included this dish and every Arab potluck that has Egyptians present will have a few dishes of macaroni bechamel. I mean what’s not to love? Enjoy! Salam! This dish is called macaroni béchamel. My mom…

Ziplining in the Atlas Mountains

Ziplining in the Atlas Mountains

What do you get when you put two globe traveling, international families together? A whole lot of fun! When our friends from Pint Size Gourmets came to stay in Marrakech last spring we spent plenty of time together. As the days grew warmer and the kids got restless we looked for somewhere they could go to get outside and run their little hearts out. There aren’t many places for kids to play in Marrakech (though…


Senegalese Chicken Yassa

Today’s post comes from Kimberly of Muslimahs Working at Home. I’m thrilled to have another African recipe to contribute. Even though Ramadan has now come to an end I have a few more recipes to share. I had hoped to get them all up before the end of the month however with packing and traveling I’ve gotten completely off schedule. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this recipe anytime of year.  During my second year of marriage,…


Brunch at Terrine

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Tunisian Tajine Curious Cuisiniere

Tunisian Tajine

Today’s guest post is from Sarah of Curious Cuisiniere. She put together this Tunisian tajine that is a far departure from the Moroccan version! You can find more great recipes on her website!  We loved Amanda’s idea to get other bloggers around the world together to create dishes from the Arab world for Ramadan. And, we are incredibly excited to be sharing a recipe from Tunisia with you today.   I’ll be the first to admit that…

Syrianfettet djaj

Syrian Fattet Djaj {Layered Chicken Platter}

Get your stretchy pants on because you’re going to want seconds and thirds of this dish. Our post today is from Olivia of Olivia’s Cuisine. I was so glad when she wanted to participate and chose Syria as where to make a dish from. Syrian food is amazing! You can find more great recipes from Olivia on her blog and be sure to follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  I have this obsession with…