Tea in London

Best Hotels in London for Afternoon Tea

One of the items on my list of “things to do and experience” is a full on English afternoon tea. “What’s that mean?” you might be asking. Let me explain. There were two different types of “tea” offered in 19th century Britain. Afternoon tea and high tea. Often the two are used interchangeably but they are distinctly different things. Afternoon tea is served around 4pm and was meant to “fill the gap” between breakfast and dinner. It was an upper class custom. High tea on the other hand has working class roots. Workers in industrial Britain had to wait until after…

Safi Morocco Potter at Work

Safi: The Pottery Capital of Morocco

Chances are if you have a piece of pottery from Morocco it’s signed “Safi” on the back. Safi is not a person’s name, it’s the name of a coastal city where the bulk of Morocco’s pottery is made. In fact this is one of the only things Safi is known for, but what a reputation to have! When my mom was visiting we decided to go to Safi and see the process. From Marrakech it was a day trip and while the roads in some places were not so great it was well worth the trip.

Seville Cathedral

Seville: The City That Stole My Heart

I know what love at first sight feels like. It’s not even as much a conscious decision it just happens. So far I’m 1:1 and I consider that a fairly good record! When we arrived in Seville after a very quick flight from Marrakech (just over an hour) I knew that something was special about this place. Call it my great intuition. We checked into our hotel and went out for a walk. Within a few minutes of being outside, I told MarocBaba – “I am in love with this city.” He looked at me a little surprised and said,…

Couscous Preparation at Dar Cigognes

Moroccan Cooking Class: Dar Les Cigognes and Handmade Couscous

A few weeks ago M and I had the opportunity to visit Dar Les Cigognes in Marrakech and do a private cooking class. We make and eat Moroccan food regularly but were very excited to choose our own menu, make it with the help of the very experienced Moroccan cooks, and of course eat it! Dar Les Cigognes offers private cooking classes for small to medium sized groups and everything is completely customizable – a great perk for those with food allergies. We met promptly at 10am, decided on our menu, and set off to visit the local bread oven,…

Ron Gastro

5 Hotels in Amsterdam for Foodies

Why go out to eat when you can stay in a great hotel, in a great city, and eat amazing food? When I really want to treat myself I choose hotels that are known for their excellent restaurants. The good news? Amsterdam has plenty! Ciel Bleu at Okura Okura has not one, not even two, but four resturants on site that have been awarded by Michelin, the oldest European hotel and restaurant reference guide. Ciel Blue was awarded 2 stars and sits on the 23rd floor of Hotel Okura. If you want an even more memorable experience, book the chef’s table adjacent…

Arosa Switzerland Header

A Small-Town Swiss Getaway: Where Royals Play

When a friend asks, “Do any of my friends want to fly to Italy and celebrate my 35th birthday at the ski resort in Switzerland….” obviously you answer yes. Obviously. After checking to see how serious she was and how responsive said resort might be I had a ticket booked to go a few weeks later. We drove from her home near Venice to the small city of Arosa, Switzerland high up in the Swiss Alps for a stay at the Tschuggen Grand Hotel.


Planning a Barcelona Visit with Kids

In May we’re planning a Mediterranean cruise for our family. I will be in the Barcelona area ahead of time speaking at TBEX Europe and the rest of the family will join me later. Our oldest son has always wanted to visit Barcelona and so this is one of his bucket list trips. We’re planning to spend a few days before and after the cruise exploring this city. We’re starting to scope out hotels in Barcelona and it seems to have plenty of aparthotels – a hybrid of an apartment and hotel. We’ve stayed in some places like this but…