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World Cup Fever in Spain

I’ve just returned from a week in northern Spain with one of my best friends from childhood. Suffice to say we saw quite a bit of the country, ate some delicious food, and enjoyed catching up on many years of life that we have lived away from each other.  One thing we couldn’t escape was the World Cup. Spaniards love football, a lesson I learned in Lisbon during the Champions League Final last month. Opening ceremonies for the games start tomorrow and I know my oldest son will be glued to the TV throughout the tournament. For the entire tournament I’m partnering with my friends at Multicultural Kid Blogs in a series to teach others (and especially kids!) about geography and global cooperation.   Each time Spain plays during the tournament I’ll be sharing a post about the country.  You can follow along with the other bloggers as they share about their respective countries on the MKB blog. Their first …

Amanda MouttakiWorld Cup Fever in Spain
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Slow Cooker Harissa Meatballs

Is it just me or have the last five months gone by incredibly fast? I can’t believe that June is part way through. Last year I was so organized and prepared for Ramadan way ahead of time and this year I feel like I’m grasping for straws. This will be my first Ramadan in Morocco. It’s hard to believe that MarocBaba and I have been together for 10 years and I’ve never been in Morocco during this time. We’ll be staying through part of July and then the boys and I are returning to the United States to spend some time with my family. Sadly MarocBaba won’t be joining us, instead he’ll be staying in Marrakech to run food tours and hold down the fort. I know that I won’t have to do much this year as my sister in laws have the food department largely under control. In fact I’m kind of relishing the fact that I might be …

Amanda MouttakiSlow Cooker Harissa Meatballs
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5 Tips for Flying Europe’s Low Cost Carriers

It used to be the best way to travel around Europe was on the large train network that crisscrosses the continent. This network still exists and is in operation, in fact there are plenty of high speed trains that can take you from London to Rome or Prague quicker than you might think. But, there’s also a new kid on the block and that’s the discount airlines who are taking over European skies. Sure, the major national carriers are still in existent and offer you more with your ticket than just a guarantee to get from point A to point B. But if you’re looking to travel, and get a deal, then here are 5 tips you need to know for flying to and within Europe. Know the Carriers and Where to Find Their Best Prices There are new discount carriers popping up every day, and for the most part you won’t find them on fare aggregator websites (like Orbitz or …

Amanda Mouttaki5 Tips for Flying Europe’s Low Cost Carriers
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Want to come to Marrakech and Hang Out with Us?

A few weeks ago I got an email titled “Hello from Tea Collection.” My heart skipped a beat, could it be THE Tea Collection? Whose clothes inspired by global destinations made me smile while browsing through. I mean as an expat I spend my fair share of time dreaming of all the online shopping (and delivery options) that are at my fingertips once I touchdown on US soil again. Then a day later my mom sent me a message and said, “Hey have you seen this Tea Collection? They have clothes that are about Morocco!” (You should know my mom is always on the look out now for “all the Moroccan things.”) Then I got to tell her, yes I have and guess what we’re going to be a part of their next BIG giveaway! Here it is….   Do you see that amazing grand prize?!?! So you should go visit the entry page RIGHT NOW and get your name …

Amanda MouttakiWant to come to Marrakech and Hang Out with Us?

A Caribbean destination that should be on your radar: Guadeloupe

It wasn’t until 2013 that I had my first Caribbean experience, and it didn’t take long until I was kicking myself for not visiting sooner.  Sure the Mediterranean is charming, and the Pacific Ocean is vast and gorgeous but I still think there’s no place more beautiful than the Caribbean. Two weeks ago I shared the news that I was asked to be an Advisory Board Member of The Passport Party Project, and I couldn’t be more excited. What’s even better is that the girls will be making their first trip to the gorgeous islands of Guadeloupe! Never heard of Guadeloupe?  The Guadeloupe Islands are located in the Lesser Antilles and are made up of 5 islands. These islands are a part of France- French is spoken here and the Euro is the currency in use. There’s no shortage of things to do or see such as; lush rain forests, dramatic volcano, spectacular cascading waterfalls, crystal clear turquoise waters adorned …

Amanda MouttakiA Caribbean destination that should be on your radar: Guadeloupe
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French for Kids: The Zazoo Books

  In Morocco there is a bilingual education system, and in some schools it is tri- or quad- lingual (amazing isn’t it?) I’ve previously written about my children’s school and as they’ve progressed through this year I’ve learned a lot about multilingual education. My kids speak Arabic with my in-laws, on the street, and in regular communication at school. They spend half of each day learning in Arabic and the other half in French. What I’ve found is that while they are learning to spell and form sentences in French, they are not as conversationally fluent as they are in Arabic. I believe this is because they don’t use much French outside of class. As we prepare for next year I’ve got two goals; encourage and foster more English reading and writing at home and encourage them to use French more. Neither MarocBaba nor I are fluent in French so this makes having natural conversation difficult. So I am going …

Amanda MouttakiFrench for Kids: The Zazoo Books