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Loubia {Bean} Salad in Tomato Sauce

Moroccan white beans in red sauce

If you asked my mom, she would probably tell you I wasn’t a very adventurous eater when I was a child. I liked all of the things every other Midwestern child liked.  Hot dogs and hamburgers, casseroles, and of course heavy doses of starches like pasta, bread, and potatoes. It’s what we ate.  It’s what […]

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Yucatan Pollo Pibil and Corn Tortillas for #SundaySupper

Pollo Pibil

If it’s even possible to believe, it snowed this week. Not just a little dusting either but 7″ of the white, yucky stuff. The weatherman says that it’s supposed to melt right away but I can’t help feeling depressed. But, today in a celebration of Cinco de Mayo, I’m teaming up with the rest of […]

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Motivation and Weight Loss 2:6

Left: Pre-surgery  Right: 4 months post surgery.

One of the biggest hurdles when losing weight is finding motivation.  There’s very little instant gratification! But finding the tools that make you get moving can be even more important than what you eat or how much you exercise.  This month, I’m sharing a video about what motivates me and how I’m doing so far. […]

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Caramel Vanilla Bean Krispie Treats

Caramel Vanilla Bean Rice Krispie Treats

Rice Krispie treats are a staple treat from my childhood and thankfully one of the easiest gluten-free desserts I can make. But, I’m not happy to just settle for the original kind, I like to make them just a little different, like my Indian Spice Krispies. The Caramel vanilla bean krispie treats were inspired by […]

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Real Food on a Budget: Freezer Cooking

Real Food on a Budget Freezer Cooking

I’ve always been intimidated by freezer cooking. But, as much as it intimidates me I also envy those who embark on the task.  I finally feel like I’ve gotten a good method down and plan to freezer cooker until we leave the US. You may however, be surprised to know the adept Moroccan woman will […]

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New Blog Category: Expat

Expat announcement

One of the really interesting things about having this blog is that I have somewhere to share, or not to share, information. I have always wanted MarocMama to be a resource for other women, other families who were in a similar situation to us. Over the last few months, MarocBaba and I have contemplated what […]

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