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The End of My Shaklee 180 Journey

 There’s a TV commercial I find myself tearing up over on a regular basis. Most people probably zone out when they’re watching.  Maybe you’ve seen it. It’s a heavier girl talking to her lighter self.  She says, “You look beautiful, we look beautiful, and we feel really good.  Seeing myself this way, now I see it’s possible.  I never thought I could look like that.” I can’t say enough about how much I feel myself in that girl.  I can feel the pain of the heavier girl, the complete disbelief that life could be different. I can see myself in the lighter girl (kind of..I’m still working on this) encouraging her past self and reinforcing that she did it! A lot of people have called me stubborn; once I’ve made up my mind about doing something, I’ve always been really dedicated to accomplishing that goal. I wouldn’t let anything stand in my way of achieving something I really wanted. However, my …

Amanda MouttakiThe End of My Shaklee 180 Journey
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33 Delicious Toppings for Gluten-Free Pizza

Pizza. Who doesn’t love it?? But, when someone in your family is diagnosed with celiac disease it can feel like your Friday night pizza habit has been thrown out the window. Sure you can make gluten-free dough but on busy weeknights or even lazy weekends, who wants to do that? Pre-made gluten-free crusts can cost over $10, for just 1 tiny crust. Along with chocolate chip cookie dough and pie crust, Pillsbury now has a gluten-free pizza crust in the refrigerated food section. Best part (well one of them) it retails for under $5 a 13 oz tub! I asked fellow food bloggers to share some of their favorite pizza toppings to inspire you when creating your own gluten-free pizza at home. There are 33 ideas here, enough to fill several Friday night dinners.   Tzimmes Pizza (apricot, rosemary, and blue cheese) from What Jew Wanna Eat  BLT Pizza from Persnickety Plates Cranberry, Chicken, Red Onion and Mozzerella from Farm Fresh …

Amanda Mouttaki33 Delicious Toppings for Gluten-Free Pizza
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Moroccan Carrot, Chickpea, Dried Fruit and Almond Salad from Paula of Vintage Kitchen Notes

I’m so happy to welcome Paula of Vintage Kitchen Notes as a guest blogger today.  Paula is one of the uber-talented bloggers I’ve gotten to know through #SundaySupper and a fellow international blogger. Her pictures alone make me want to climb through the screen and into her kitchen. Also, she’s located in Argentina, one of the South American destinations I’m dying to visit, so I guess crawling through the screen might not be such a bad idea? To find more of her great recipes you can connect with Paula on her blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.   Hello from the southern part of the world! I blog from Buenos Aires, the city where I live. Being here today is exciting because the idea of learning more about different cuisines is very motivating. Moroccan always rings a good bell in my mind, and after meeting Amanda through Sunday Supper and snooping around her recipes, I realized that the mix of dried …

Amanda MouttakiMoroccan Carrot, Chickpea, Dried Fruit and Almond Salad from Paula of Vintage Kitchen Notes
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4 Final Thoughts on Moving Overseas

In less than week we’ll be embarking on the final leg of our move to Morocco.  What an interesting few months it has been. This probably won’t be my last post on the moving process but are my thoughts before take-off. I’ve gone through a tidal wave of emotions sometimes one at a time, and at others all at once. I went into this feeling very prepared and organized and I’ve learned one very important lesson; I’m a control freak and nothing about this process allows for that. There are so many things that are completely out of our hands and I have had many friends who have been through this remind me to just take a step back and let things happen as they’re meant to. Aside from these lessons about my personality, here are four thoughts that apply to anyone. The “Stuff” I’m attached to very few material objects, but I was shocked at how much “stuff” we’ve …

Amanda Mouttaki4 Final Thoughts on Moving Overseas
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Harissa Breakfast Scramble

It seems way to early to start thinking about back to school – seriously where did the summer go?? My last few shopping trips to pick up items for packing I couldn’t help but notice more and more parents and kids walking the aisles with their supply lists. i have to admit it made me a little teary. I know we’ll have school supplies in Morocco but my favorite part of the new year is checking things off of that supply list! The thing I dislike the most about the school year is making breakfast. I just don’t like it! I’m always on the look out for fast, healthy meals that I know my kids (and husband) will eat. I think this is a real winner.  Eggs are such a good way to get a lot of protein. I know so many people who like to add salsa or hot sauce to their eggs.  I thought why not harissa? Not …

Amanda MouttakiHarissa Breakfast Scramble
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Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwiches

One of the first things I learned how to make was chocolate chip cookies.  My grandma would stand my sister and I up on chairs at her kitchen counter and we would mix in the ingredients one by one to make cookies.  I usually got to run the hand mixer because I was older but my sister got to crack the eggs. Then we’d take turns rolling long “dough snakes” that would be wrapped in plastic wrap and put in the freezer.  See, with my grandma we rarely, if ever baked the dough. We just sliced off a piece of frozen dough whenever we wanted. That’s right, I was raised a raw-dough-eating-rebel. Grandma never thought twice, and it wasn’t until I had kids and really started paying attention to ingredients that I even gave it a second thought. I started making (and baking) chocolate chip cookies for my kids long before I could cook a real meal. But once we …

Amanda MouttakiGluten Free Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwiches