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{Expat Guest Post} Olga of The European Mama

Olga of European Mama

When we decided to become expats, I knew there were others like us out there – I just had to find them.  Once I started looking, I was amazed at just how many people have chosen an expatriate lifestyle. So many people tell me that they wish they could move to another country; I want […]

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7 Gift Ideas for a Global Dad

Gift Ideas for a Global Dad

The dad in your life isn’t the type that’s interested in an off-the-rack tie. No, he’s the one who is global citizen (hey you need help with those little superheroes!) What kind of gift does this kind of man need? I asked MarocBaba for some help, here are our suggestions for gift ideas for a […]

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Eating Desserts in Jars {Recap}

Desserts in Jars at FGT

This past weekend my mom and I took a ride to Burlington, WI for the opening weekend of Fried Green Tomatoes Farm presented by Desserts in Jars. We were a little worried about how the weather would be, as we’ve been having nearly constant thunderstorms, but everything turned out well and we didn’t get rained […]

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Red, White, and Blue Chicken Salad for #SundaySupper

Red White and Blue Chicken Salad Sandwiches

Chicken salad is one of my favorite sandwich fillings. But, the only time I make it is when I have leftover chicken! So early last week, when believe it or not, I had some Moroccan fried chicken in the leftover rotation, I jumped at the chance to make chicken salad. But not just any chicken […]

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Love and Weight Loss 3:6

shaklee logo

Do you love yourself, your body enough to admit it? Or are you constantly finding a small fault here, a chin that’s just a bit too wobbly, or hips just an inch (or six) too wide? Today, I want to challenge you to look in the mirror. Find those features you love about yourself. Give […]

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Why Traveling with Kids Can Save the World

Raising World Traveling Superheroes

You’re raising superheroes! Well, maybe they won’t be the Man of Steel or Wonder Woman but their contribution to the world could be so much more. I firmly believe that by traveling with your children they very well could help solve world problems one day. I recently read a post titled “Why travel with young […]

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