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5 Morocco Myths Debunked!

In Morocco by Amanda Mouttaki2 Comments

What you see isn’t always what you get!  Sometimes I feel like I’m being fooled everyday. There are countless number of things that seem real on the surface in Morocco, …

Amanda Mouttaki5 Morocco Myths Debunked!
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Morocco Escapes: Lisbon

In Portugal by Amanda MouttakiLeave a Comment

The oldest city in Western Europe, Portugal’s capital jumbles a configuration of winding streets and red-roofed buildings over seven hills; traversed by rushing yellow trams. Though it’s often missed off …

Amanda MouttakiMorocco Escapes: Lisbon
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Where to Eat in Marrakech: Part Two

In Morocco by Amanda Mouttaki3 Comments

Visiting Marrakech and wondering where you should eat? It’s true that there’s some amazing food in this city. There’s also some really medicore food. Maybe it’s because there’s so many …

Amanda MouttakiWhere to Eat in Marrakech: Part Two
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{Guest Post} Spending a Day in Marrakech

In Morocco by Amanda Mouttaki1 Comment

I’ll be welcoming a few guest bloggers this month to share their Morocco ideas and experiences. This post is from Esther of Mooistestedentrips.  A visit to Marrakech is a boost …

Amanda Mouttaki{Guest Post} Spending a Day in Marrakech
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10 Tips for Women Visiting Morocco

In Morocco by Amanda Mouttaki6 Comments

Along with the question of eating in Morocco with food allergies, another very common question I get is about women traveling in Morocco both alone and with friends. It can …

Amanda Mouttaki10 Tips for Women Visiting Morocco
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Morocco Escapes: Barcelona

In Spain by Amanda MouttakiLeave a Comment

My special focus for the month of October is on Morocco.  But, on Saturday’s all month long I’ll be presenting some Morocco escapes you may want to consider. If you’re …

Amanda MouttakiMorocco Escapes: Barcelona