Sesame Ginger Ghriba

For Ramadan this year I decided to re-make several traditional Moroccan pastries. Usually MarocBaba’s mom sends us a big box of Moroccan cookies.  The problem with that is they all have gluten.

Puppy Chow Rice Krispies for #TheLeftoversClub

When I was growing up my grandma and I spent a lot of time in her kitchen. She always let us make (and eat) gobs of cookie dough when we would come

Dear Ladies in the Booth Behind Us

Dear Ladies in the Booth Behind Us, I know you are just here with your friend to share an ice cream cone, but I couldn’t help but overhear the conversation you’ve having.

Who am I?

I’m Amanda, a curious, world traveling mom of two boys. On MarocMama you’ll find inspiration to eat amazing food, live globally, and explore the world with us. We’re a Moroccan/American family living in Marrakech. On this site you’ll find travel inspiration, practical insight to our life in Morocco, and our favorite food from around the world.

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