Where to Taste Authentic Nordic Cuisine in Oslo

With any vacation, food is an important component of having a great experience. In Oslo, this is no different. After choosing a great Oslo hotel, it’s time to determine how much of your budget is left for meals. If I were you, I’d take advantage of all the free and low cost activities offered in Oslo and save all my kroner for food! You can eat great in Oslo, but you should know it won’t be as inexpensive as other European cities. The Outsiders Inside Guide to Marrakech I’ve written a guidebook sharing my insider knowledge of Marrakech. Sign up…

Proverb Header

Moroccan Food and Life Proverbs

I’ve always been intrigued by the proverbs or sayings that different countries and languages have. Some simply don’t make sense in translation, while others can tell you a lot about that place. It makes sense the references that are used when you understand the culture, or even begin to understand where people are coming from. I have searched high and low for Moroccan proverbs. Some I’ve heard people use but I’ll admit they don’t make as much sense in translation. One definition of a proverb is, “a short pithy saying in common and recognised use; a concise sentence, often metaphorical…

Grand Turk Day Trip

Ideas for Day Trips from Providenciales

You’ve booked a stay at one of the amazing hotels in Providenciales (after checking out my post on family friendly hotels, of course) and have started to make a list of things to do in the area but are you tempted to also book a day excursion away from the main island? While there is plenty to keep you occupied here, sometimes you just want to experience something different. If that’s the case, here are some ideas for day trips.

Florence Italy

Luxury Boutique Hotels in Florence, Italy

If the luxurious experience of staying in a hotel is just as important to you as having a place to fall asleep at night, take the time to select a hotel that offers all the amenities you desire. Florence contains hundreds of hotel options, but for the luxury-minded guest, it can be difficult to weed through the choices and know you’re getting the best value for your money. Florence’s abundance of high-end resort chains in the city might meet your needs, but for a more personal experience, opt for boutique hotels.

Skiing in Morocco

Snow Skiing in Morocco? Yes, Really!

I had to add the caveat that this is snow skiing I’m talking about because whenever I mention to someone that we went skiing in Morocco, they assume I mean some sort of sand skiing (is that a thing?). But, the reality is you can go skiing in Morocco during the winter months. Mt. Toubkal one of the highest peaks in Africa soars at more than 4,100 meters (13,600 feet) above sea level. Yes, that’s as tall as the famous Mount Blanc in the Swiss Alps. It’s true the Moroccan ski industry isn’t quite up to par with Europe but…