Technology Gift Ideas for Global Kids

Technology Gifts for Kids

It’s the season for gift guides and it’s got me thinking about the things my boys brought to Morocco and what we left behind. Space was (and is!) a big deal, so technology has helped us in many ways. But there are some toys they’ve really loved having. So, I thought why not share the […]

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Around the World in 12 Dishes: Thai Peanut Beef Noodles

ATW12Dishes Thailand

Well, last month I had to take a break from our cooking around the world journey because, well I didn’t have any kids to share with! I was in the US for surgery and the little guys were hanging out with dad in Morocco. So sadly, we missed cooking Korea (and I was really looking […]

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Mormon Traditions & Holidays | Food, Family & Fun!

Carissa Rogers Blogger Mormon 4th of july traditions

Yesterday, I shared on Carissa’s blog all about Islamic holidays and rites of passage. Today she’s sharing here about Mormon traditions and holidays. I loved reading this post, and learned a lot! Join us, starting tomorrow on our social media channels where we’ll be doing Q&A and encourage you to join us! Hi Amanda’s Blog […]

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#MormonMuslimMoms Week Two: Holidays and Celebrations

2 moms muslimmormonmoms

Today is Week Two of the Mormon Muslim Mom Series! Thanks for joining us for week two of our project!  Can I say I was so surprised (and encouraged!) by the interest and support we had last week as we embarked on this exchange?! It was great to hear from so many people who had […]

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Travels with Gannon and Wyatt Visit My Boys in Morocco

Untitled design (1)

My recent trip to the US proved to be a very positive one for the boys as I was able to get several new things for them to try out. One of the things they most wanted was new books in English. I guess they really didn’t appreciate variety until there wasn’t any! Shortly before […]

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Slow Cooker Caramel and Salted Ginger Cheesecake


MarocBaba looooves caramel. It’s his favorite sweet topping.  Honestly, I know very few people who dislike it! I’ve shied away from making my own because it scares me. A year ago I attempted to make it from sugar and well let’s just say what I ended up with was a hard, sugary mess. So I […]

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