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The Finnish Food Revival

In Finland by Amanda Mouttaki7 Comments

I didn’t have high hopes for Finnish food. Frankly, what I remembered about it growing up was that there was fish, and fish, and potatoes, and dill. That’s about it. …

Amanda MouttakiThe Finnish Food Revival
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Mint Chocolate Chip Muffins

In American Food by Amanda Mouttaki5 Comments

Mint chocolate chip ice cream. Thin Mints. Grasshoppers. If it has mint and chocolate I’m in. When I started making these muffins (and the strawberry hazelnut muffins from a little …

Amanda MouttakiMint Chocolate Chip Muffins

Live Like a Jazz Star at Riad Star: Marrakech

In Morocco by Amanda MouttakiLeave a Comment

“These streets weren’t made for cars,” my son said as we wound our car through the narrow streets of the medina. “It’s ok, dad has this, remember he grew up …

Amanda MouttakiLive Like a Jazz Star at Riad Star: Marrakech
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Our Life in Marrakech: 6 Month Update

In Expat by Amanda Mouttaki3 Comments

It’s been six months now since we moved to Morocco full-time. Some days it feels a lot longer. Some days it seems like no time has passed. So many things …

Amanda MouttakiOur Life in Marrakech: 6 Month Update