World Meals: Germany/Latvia

Today’s world meals journey takes us to Europe. Ilze of Let the Journey Begin is sharing meals in her family. She estimates they spend about 10 Euro a day. Find out more about Ilze, her multicultural family and what they eat! First a little background: my husband and I live in Hamburg, Germany (although I originally come from Latvia) and are currently expecting our first child. So what I’ll describe is food for two grown-ups as the baby gets its food supply from me and (if all goes well) will continue to do so exclusively until its around 6 months old. I generally work from home while my hubby is currently doing a reeducation program and is usually home by 5pm. That said, yesterday he finished early so we could have a light lunch and an early dinner.        On a typical day my hubby has some cereal or müsli for breakfast, skips lunch and has a nice …

Amanda MouttakiWorld Meals: Germany/Latvia

Celebrating Love and Languages with MKB {Cash Giveaway}

What better way to celebrate love than by giving away money? We’re celebrating this year by doing a giveaway sponsored by some of the Multicultural Kid Bloggers from around the world. Because we have so many international members we wanted to do something that would allow anyone to win. So to show our love to you, our readers, we decided cash was the best gift. This Valentine’s Day, I’m happy to have a family that loves me, and the ability to spend time with them. I’m also happy everyday that my kids are getting the opportunity to develop their language skills. Although we’re a bit out of touch with American popular culture here, the Coca Cola ad that aired during the Superbowl certainly caused some stir. In response, my friend Stephanie of InCulture Parent gathered a bunch of multicultural kids who are all biligual (or more!) to share their pride in the languages they speak and that they’re American. You can read …

Amanda MouttakiCelebrating Love and Languages with MKB {Cash Giveaway}
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Strawberry Hazelnut Muffins

As a child, each Valentine’s Day my mom would make my sister and I something special for breakfast, like heart shaped pancakes or pink milik and had always put together a big Valentine gift. It wasn’t something fancy, not even a toy but usually some of our favorite candy and a card letting us know how much she and I my dad loved us. It was always my favorite Valentine. School parties were fun and writing out Valentine’s to friends was always a process I had to start weeks before; selecting just the right cards, picking the best candy to attach, perfect. I have to say as a mom I fail miserably in this category. I’m just not very good with details. I can make my kids delicious things to eat but the rest of it, not so much. My kids love muffins and so I have been playing with different techniques, ingredients, and sizes. So far, I haven’t made …

Amanda MouttakiStrawberry Hazelnut Muffins
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World Meals: USA – Texas

 For the third week of my meals around the world series we’re going back to my homeland of the USA. I’m excited for this week because I think many people assume all Americans eat is hamburgers and fries – and that’s just not true! It’s impossible to use just one family to represent the diversity in the country but here’s a glimpse into a typical day’s meals with Becky of Kid World Citizen. See previous weeks of Germany and Taiwan here. For breakfast on a normal school day, we will have fruit and either cereal, oatmeal, or maybe cinnamon toast. Since it was a “snow day” (which is a little ridiculous because we live in Houston, TX and never saw any snow) I made the kids pancakes (egg-free for my daughter’s allergies!). Normally, we have bigger breakfasts (like omelets, different Mexican-style eggs with tortillas, etc) on the weekends, so today was a special treat. The grapefruit is from a nearby …

Amanda MouttakiWorld Meals: USA – Texas
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MKB Bookclub : Living on the Loose {Chapter 5}

This week I’m hosting the Multicultural Kid Bloggers’ discussion on the book Family on the Loose: The Art of Traveling with Kids by Bill Richards and Ashley Steel. This engaging book offers hundreds of easy-to-use ideas for turning travel with kids into a rewarding, enriching adventure. You can find previous chapters discussed here; Chapters 1 and 2: Dad’s the Way I Like It  Chapter 3: Discovering the World Through My Son’s Eyes Chapter 4: Kid’s Yoga Stories Now to dig into the good stuff!   If you’ve read my blog before you probably already know that we travel quite a bit with our kids – and we have from the time they were very young babies (both had a passport before their 1st birthday!) Late last year I wrote a post on what I’ve learned from traveling with kids for 10 years. This year I also got to experience travel when it means an international move. Traveling is a full-on, full-sensory …

Amanda MouttakiMKB Bookclub : Living on the Loose {Chapter 5}
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World Meals: Taiwan

Last week, I started a series focusing on food, meals, and costs around the world. We started with Annabelle’s European family currently living in Germany. Today we’re going farther east to Taiwan with Amanda of Miss Panda Chinese. From Amanda: Currently we live in the U.S. My hometown Taiwan. We are a bi-cultural family and our meals mix the east and the west adding a touch of our own creativity. When we are in the States our breakfast options are cereals, milk, healthy banana bread, or Chinese pancakes. Lunch is usually delicious leftover. Dinner features a fish or meat entree and a veggie dish with rice or pasta. The pictures here show the meals we had during our visit to Taiwan. Taiwanese cuisine is southern China style cooking with influence from all over mainland China. The breakfast usually starts with something warm like the pan-fried buns, rice rolls, sandwiches, or cool noodles with sesame sauce plus a bow of hot …

Amanda MouttakiWorld Meals: Taiwan