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Gluten-Free Chebakia

In Moroccan Food, Ramadan by Amanda Mouttaki8 Comments

Chebakia and Ramadan and synonymous in Morocco. You simply can’t have one without the other. This presents a big problem for us. Chebakia are cookies made of flour, spices, honey, …

Amanda MouttakiGluten-Free Chebakia
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Sesame Ginger Ghriba

In Moroccan Food by Amanda Mouttaki4 Comments

For Ramadan this year I decided to re-make several traditional Moroccan pastries. Usually MarocBaba’s mom sends us a big box of Moroccan cookies.  The problem with that is they all …

Amanda MouttakiSesame Ginger Ghriba
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What to Pack for Kids: Morocco

In Morocco, Travel by Amanda Mouttaki1 Comment

I’ve posted previously on what to pack for women visiting Morocco, and what to pack for men, so that leaves just one group to discuss – children! I’ve found many …

Amanda MouttakiWhat to Pack for Kids: Morocco
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The Finnish Food Revival

In Finland by Amanda Mouttaki7 Comments

I didn’t have high hopes for Finnish food. Frankly, what I remembered about it growing up was that there was fish, and fish, and potatoes, and dill. That’s about it. …

Amanda MouttakiThe Finnish Food Revival

Live Like a Jazz Star at Riad Star: Marrakech

In Morocco by Amanda MouttakiLeave a Comment

“These streets weren’t made for cars,” my son said as we wound our car through the narrow streets of the medina. “It’s ok, dad has this, remember he grew up …

Amanda MouttakiLive Like a Jazz Star at Riad Star: Marrakech
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Would You Let Your Boys…MKB Telephone Tag

In Travel by Amanda Mouttaki12 Comments

My fellow Multicultural Kid Bloggers and I are doing a fun and interactive blog post today that is reminiscent of telephone tag. Here’s how it works. Each blogger asks another …

Amanda MouttakiWould You Let Your Boys…MKB Telephone Tag
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