Brioche with Gelato

A little while ago I was researching breakfast recipes.  I’ve always struggled with finding breakfast dishes that everyone would eat. MarocBaba and the kids like to eat traditional Mediterranean breakfasts that include bread, cheeses, sliced meats, olives, and other spreads like fresh butter, honey or chocolate cream. I began going through my cookbooks to see what made up a Sicilian breakfast. There wasn’t much.  Then I turned to the internet, again little turned up. Except for one thing.

Granita and Brioche

I knew I came from some seriously smart stock.  Any group of people who find bread and frozen confections a solid breakfast choice are clearly intelligent. Emeril Lagasse includes a gelato and brioche recipe in Kicked Up Sandwiches that reminded me of Sicily.  The brioche recipe I made was quite large (enough for 2 large loaves) so I divided it in half making one loaf of bread and 12 brioche buns.

I couldn’t help but think this would make a great Eid dessert.  French brioche rolls often are topped with a small round of dough, I offset mine so that they look like heads. I think they look like a little flock of sheep!  Emeril includes a recipe in the book to make your own gelato – it’s easy and well worth the time to put it together.  Simply freeze, scoop and fill the brioche rolls for a great dessert!

This is the end of my #SimplySandwiches journey.  I’ve had a great time cooking through Chef Emeril’s new book and getting to know the other bloggers.  I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing these sandwiches as well.  Which was your favorite?

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Pistachio Gelato and Brioche