I’ve raved many times about argan oil both as a cooking oil and it’s properties for skin care. I’ve struggled with sensitive and dry skin my entire life and there are only a small handful of products I can use safely.  Argan oil is one of them. Moroccans have long known about the properties of this oil but only in the last few years has it become a buzzword in the Western beauty industry. 

I’ve been fortunate that through blogging I have met some exceptional people.  Joél is one of them. She is the co-owner and co-founder of Saadia Organics.  Aside from her wonderful personality I know she is no snake oil doctor. There are a lot of people selling “pure” argan oil when in reality it’s watered down.  It happens all over Morocco too. But Joél gets her argan straight from the source, her mother-in-law in Essaouaira who grew up making raw argan oil.  How did the business begin? Here’s a backgrounder.

So if you want to buy some of the best argan sold outside of Morocco, I highly recommend trying the Saadia Organics products.