Mushrooms always make me think of my grandma. I have a a very vivid memory of stopping at our local grocery store to pick up items from her shopping list.  My grandma taught 3rd grade for decades and she always spent a lot of time with my sister and I when we were younger as she had just retired. Anyway here we were at the market and she had her list.  I was reading the items and then we would go and find them.  She wrote the list in cursive so I was guessing at some of the letters – I couldn’t have been more than 7.  Then I asked her what a mushroon was.  That’s right she had written mushroon.  I thought maybe it was just me not being able to read what she had written but then she insisted that it was a mushroon.  I told her “grandma no it’s a mushroom.”  She let me have it but when we got home we pulled out a dictionary – this was well before Google was in the game. Of course I was right and she had been spelling it wrong for years! I wonder how many of her 3rd graders still spell mushroom wrong!

Over a year ago we decided to pay much closer attention to the foods we were eating. This means instead of just eating to fill our bellies we wanted to eat good food.  Food that would nourish us and wasn’t adding in a bunch of junk. In making this shift we realized we were eating way too much meat. WAY TOO MUCH!! It was nothing for me to cook 1lb of ground beef for lunch and 4-5 chicken breasts for dinner (or some combination thereof). MarocBaba was hesitant to not have meat with every meal, in fact he really had quite an aversion to almost all vegetables. M has always been open to trying new foods so bringing him on board was no problem. K, well let’s just say we’re still struggling with him.

Mushrooms have been one of the best vegetables to bulk up meals and add a “meaty” flavor at a fraction of the price. I can purchase at least 3 pounds of button mushrooms for the same price as 1 pound of meat. That’s  a lot of mushrooms!  I also found that they have always been a really good fall back no matter what time of year it is.  Winter months in the Midwest don’t offer a lot of variety or flavor in produce.  Mushrooms are always in season!  I’ve managed to dice them up really fine and added them to sauces and blended them into soup broth.  I don’t really agree with “hiding” vegetables from kids but K makes me desperate.

A few of my favorite meatless recipes that use mushrooms:

Mushroom Risotto – really you can’t go wrong with rice, cheese and mushrooms!

Couscous with Mushrooms and Herbs – Creative use of couscous with loads of flavor and low fat/calories

Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms – Yum, that is all.

Garlic and Chili Mushrooms – Perfect for your next tapas party

Stuffed Portabella Burger with Grilled Summer Vegetables – Come on summer!

The Mushroom Council has loads of recipe ideas available on their website. You may have seen references to The Mushroom Channel – that’s the Mushroom Council!  Make sure to follow them on their social channels (FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest) for even more inspiration and information.

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What’s your favorite way to use mushrooms? 

This is a sponsored post in conjunction with Resourceful Mommy Media and The Mushroom Council. As always all opinions are my own.