This year I’ve been seeing so many great posts sharing Eid menu plans, like this one from Holly of Arabic Zeal or this one from Hollie of Common Cents Mom. In the past I have done a post after our big Eid celebration but as I started to plan it made sense to instead share ideas early.  We will only be staying in New York until Sunday afternoon but I still plan to make breakfast and lunch to celebrate.  I am really hoping that this year will be a little more special than years’ past. Just being surrounded by a MUCH larger community will hopefully give a more holiday feel.

So here are some of my favorite recipe ideas for Eid Breakfast and Lunch. 


M’semmen always is a part of our Eid table.  I don’t make m’semmen very often anymore and I haven’t been able to finalize a good gluten-free version but the kids love it.

Earlier this month I shared a guest post on My Halal Kitchen for Moroccan style crepes.  What I love about this recipe is that it’s versatile.  You can stuff them with sweet or savory toppings.  Or make a mixture and have a crepe filling station for your guests.

If you want something that can be assembled and tossed into the oven in the morning this Apple Pear Galette might be the perfect option. This version includes cheese but you can easily omit it.

Other Breakfast Ideas:

  • Harcha
  • Beghrir 
  • Fruit Salad
  • Scrambled Egg Station – include toppings like cheese, meats, sauteed vegetables, etc.

Eid Lunch/Dinner Ideas

In late summer soup is not something highly sought after.  This shrimp soup is light and unique.

This is quite possibly the most delicious “set it and forget it” style recipes. Traditionally cooked in a coal burning oven or in an underground oven mechoui is a delicious addition to any Eid table.

Beef or Lamb Tagine with Prunes is celebration food in Morocco. It’s served on Eid tables, at weddings and birth celebrations. The combination of sweet and savory in this dish is not appealing to some but, after the first bite they can’t put down their bread.


Amalou Cookies

I like to make these amalou cookies for guests because of how unique they are.  You won’t find them in a bakery (it’s my own recipe), and they are a little work but the results are worth it.

If you’re looking for more recipes stop by Pinterest and browse my Appetizer, Breakfast, EidMoroccan Food, and Desserts boards.

What’s on your menu?