Moroccan breakfasts fit into two different categories.  The first is a simple breakfast usually consisting of bread, olive oil, maybe butter or preserves and could include some type of meat and la vache qui rit (or laughing cow cheese triangles that have made their way to American grocery stores).  The other type is a sticky honey laden breads, think beghrir, msemmen, cookies or cake.

But there’s a third type too.  You’ve got to be adventurous to give it a try…

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No guided tour is going to take you to breakfast here, and they’re probably not going to tell you about it either.  Chances are you won’t see too many women eating here. At first glance you won’t sit down, you’ll keep walking by.

Set up inside street-side shops are you’ll see scenes similar to this. With large pots or tajines dotting gas burners.  For breakfast there are a variety of different options that will vary based on the stall you visit.  My favorite is white beans in a tomato sauce.  MarocBaba chooses bissara and a stew of lamb stomach.  The interior eating area is very simple, maybe rustic is a good word for it.  I really had reservations but I was assured it would be good. I wasn’t let down at all and was full for hours.

The plates are cleared and washed immediately.  You can have as much bread as  you want (the huge baskets under the cooking area let you know there’s plenty to go around).  A pot of hot mint tea is standard.  As you eat you’ll see many men and boys passing in and out to eat something quickly on their way to work or school.  The best part is – the price is a steal.  You’ll have a great, filling breakfast for under $3.

Marrakech Street Breakfast

We ate at a stand just inside the kasbah of Marrakech.  Turn right past the Saadian tombs and about 1/4 mile down the street on the right hand side you’ll see it.  Maybe the best indicator that you’re in the right spot – the man serving breakfast has red hair – so if you see him you’ll know you’re in the right spot!  Breakfast ends around 11am to be replaced by an equally delicious lunch.  Get there early!

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