Today’s post is a guest post from my friends at Thomson, a pre-eminent travel company based in the UK.  Readers know Marrakech is our home base in Morocco and it’s a must stop city on anyone’s travel itinerary.  But did you know Marrakech is also a hot spot on Hollywood’s radar? From movie stars seeking a luxurious getaway to directors looking to capture the right scene Marrakech is the place to be! Now you don’t have to just take my word for it!

Marrakech medina

The ‘Ochre City’ lies in the far North-West of Africa, beautifully offset by the snow-capped Atlas mountain range while the Sahara desert lies south of the city, offering a stunning comparison between the icy heights and burning wind-blown sands. Where better to set a movie or piece of art than this lovely area of the world? It has already featured in scenes from such films as ‘Lawrence of Arabia’; Orson Welles’ ‘Othello’ was filmed in Marrakech and last, but certainly not least the master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock filmed The ‘Man Who Knew Too Much’ on location in Marrakech.

Follow in the steps of these masters of their trade on your Marrakech holidays by Thomson and immerse yourself to the full in this wonderful place. The semi-arid climate which consists of wet, mild winters and hot, dry summers, means you will not be too cold and your filming or art-work is unlikely to be ruined by inclement weather.

Marrakech offers delights for the film-maker or tourist alike, be sure to take in the wonders of the Koutoubia Mosque; a recognised symbol for Marrakech. Including this in your footage will give great authenticity to your work. Soak in the ambiance of the souk, glorying in all the marvellous colours, textures and scents that abound, or reflect quietly in the peaceful air of the Saadian Tombs. The ruined Badii Palace should also form part of your itinerary offering a spectacular glimpse into the past.

If possible, take a meal at the wonderful Pavilion and be inspired by the massive tree that bestows shade upon the diners.

Bahia Palace

Marrakech offers a wealth of beauty, both architectural and natural, be sure to allow its spirit to influence your creativity.

If you crave the company of other artists and filmographers, Marrakech—with its rapidly growing artistic culture—can help there too! In July there is the National Festival of Popular Arts and in December it plays host to the Marrakech International Film Festival.

Whether you’re an amateur or professional, grab your cameras and prepare for a photographic holiday you won’t forget!

Do you have pictures from a visit to Marrakech? I’d love to see them!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  I am receiving compensation in exchange for sharing this.  As always I would never share material from a company that I didn’t believe in or found misleading.