Summer is finally here!  We’ve managed to have several weeks of temperatures in the 70’s so I think it’s safe to say now.  A little over a week ago we embarked on a new journey. MarocBaba has always had stomach problems from the time he was a small child.  If you know anything about Moroccan food you know that it’s heavy on the bread.  Heavy like bread with every single meal at least 3 times a day.   We have been to a lot of doctors and have cut out spicy and greasy foods thinking that these were the things contributing to his stomach problems.   While it helped some it didn’t help completely and recently we noticed that his symptoms were getting a little worse.

Thanks to all of the great gluten-free friends I made at Eat, Write, Retreat, I started to wonder if he might have a gluten intolerance.  In a leap of faith we cut out all wheat gluten to see what impact it had.  This is very hard – and we eat 95% whole foods!  I’m happy to say that it is helping and MarocBaba will be going in soon to be formally tested.  In the meantime I’ve tried to make sure he’s eating great just without the gluten.  He really misses bread but I’ve been able to make a gluten free version – it’s not pretty but it’s tasty and that’s all he wants!

Since it is summer we’ve been using our grill to cook as much as we can.  I also have come to the realization that we need a new grill.  Soon.  We’re making do.  This gluten free dinner was one of my favorites so far.

All of these dishes have a very simple preparation.  This is wild asparagus with the woody stems shaved.  I drizzled them with olive oil and lemon juice and chopped fresh mint very thinly and sprinkled on.

Grilling away at the veggies.  MarocBaba tossed a whole green pepper on to roast.  When it was done I chopped it and tossed with olive oil and preserved lemon and little bit of cumin.  Inside the tinfoil are some chopped ramps and butter – they get nice and caramelized.

Again, a very simple chicken breast.  Olive oil and lemon juice with some fresh ground pepper and a little salt and chopped up basil.

While everything was on the grill I peeled and quartered some baby red potatoes.  Tossed with olive oil, pepper, cumin and garlic.  Placed in the oven at 350F for about 45 minutes.  These are a new favorite of MarocBaba and the boys.  While I hate having the oven on in the summer because of the heat – you can’t beat these.  Great side dish.

I’ll be sharing more gluten-free recipes as we go and as I learn (I have a lot to learn!).  I’d love to know what your favorite gluten free meal ideas are or what you love to cook in the summer!

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