Have you ever seen Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods Morocco?  If so you saw khlii.  Overall I was disappointed with this episode because frankly it just wasn’t that bizarre to me!  When he tried khlii it was labeled as rotten meat.  It’s not rotten meat.  Khlii is made from beef or lamb that is seasoned and then dried in the sun for a few days – it’s like a natural dehydration.  It’s then cooked in a combination of oil, water and animal fat and stored.  The fat portion congeals and the pieces of meat are in the mix.  Khlii is then used in several ways.  One of the most popular is in scrambled eggs but it’s also stirred into soups or with beans.

MarocBaba loves khlii and so for this Ramadan I ordered him some from Moroccan Khlii in Orlando as a surprise.  It came in handy one night when I was just too tired to make dinner.  Overall he gave it a rave review.  I don’t like the flavor of khlii so I’m going to leave this review in his able hands!  The taste was very much like home and he liked that the pieces of meat were bigger and more flavorful.  I highly recommend ordering from Moroccan Khlii.  You can check out their Facebook page and follow on Twitter as well.  Here’s a photo tutorial of khlii and eggs.

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Khlii coming out of the freezer directly into frying pan.
Next turn up the heat and melt the fat.
Beat 2-3 eggs well and pour into the pan.
Cook on medium heat until the eggs set. Eat with bread!