Who is Fatima al Fihria? Chances are you haven’t heard her name. Fatima is the founder of al Qarawiyn, one of the oldest universities in the Islamic world.  The mosque and attached school were built in 859 and have been operational ever since. This spiritual and education center is in Fes Morocco and operates as a state university. iQetab has developed an iPad app that tells the story of Fatima’s life and her eventual building of al Qarawiyn.  The app is available in English, Arabic, or French and includes the story as well as a few games. Check out this short YouTube clip to find out a little bit more.

We downloaded this app for our trip to New York.  I was hoping that my boys would enjoy listening to the story in English and then be adventurous enough to try listening in Arabic.  My initial feelings are this app is better suited for kids a little younger than mine.  M, who is 8, got frustrated because the story read to slow for him (he could read to himself much faster). But with the help of his dad he did listen in Arabic. If your kids can not read in any one of the languages they are listening in they will need help navigating as all navigationals are in the selected language, as you can see below.

Overall I really loved that this story was being told.  It’s great that a positive female, Muslim is showcased for the good works that she did. The illustrations are cute and the app really is well done, we didn’t have any issues with bugs or glitches. You can buy the app on iTunes for $3.99.