A Fearless Guide to Food and Travel

Real Food on a Budget: Repurpose Leftovers
There are two kinds of people in this world, those that won’t let a leftover go to waste, and those who won’t touch them with a 10 foot pole.  In this final week of my real food on a budget series I am going to share some ways to... Read more
Real Food on a Budget: Freezer Cooking
I’ve always been intimidated by freezer cooking. But, as much as it intimidates me I also envy those who embark on the task.  I finally feel like I’ve gotten a good method down and plan to freezer cooker until we leave the US. You may however, be surprised to... Read more
Eating Real Food on a Budget: Building Reserves
  Today’s post touches on some of the points I made last week when I talked about buying in bulk.  I want to make something clear; when I say build reserves, I don’t mean hoard food. I’ve seen too many Extreme Couponing shows to know that, that is a... Read more
Real Food on a Budget: Buying in Bulk
  I can’t believe we’re already over half-way finished with this post series! I have really been enjoying sharing my tips and tricks to purchase whole, real foods while still maintaining a budget.  This week’s post may seem counter-intuitive to the budget concept but I think you’ll find that... Read more
Eating Real Food on a Budget: Eat Seasonally
Welcome to week six of my 10 ways to eat real food on a budget series.  This weeks’ topic may seem like a no-brainer.  Eating food when it’s in season is cheaper.  Period. But, you and I both know it’s not that simple. If you live in the northern... Read more
One of the best ways to save money on real foods, and especially meat, is to buy a whole or half of an animal.  We slaughter a lamb each year for Eid.  Yes, we do it ourselves.  Yes, we cut it and package it ourselves.  I have to say... Read more
Real Food: Eat From Your Pantry
This might be my very favorite post in my series of Real Food on a Budget.  I think this tip has a ton of potential to cut down on your grocery bill and also lead to some creative genius in your meals! How many of us have a bottle... Read more
  In the first two parts of this series I talked about setting a budget and meal planning. Now it’s time to really dig into the food part of this equation. If you want to eat real foods on a budget you will have to cook and bake.  I... Read more