It seems like Ramadan has gone as fast as it crept up.  Today is the last day of fasting .  This week M starts 2nd grade and MarocBaba is back at school too.  I’m looking forward to a more regular schedule but it’s only a few weeks before we take off again for Morocco.  I’ve been busy planning for the trip, making sure to make the most out of every second.  I hope to come back with lots of new information, recipes, photos, and highlights of our trip to share.

The recipe I’m sharing today I’ve been dying to share since I first made it.  This was the first time I’d ever tried grilling fruit, mostly because we have always had a charcoal grill and I just didn’t think that the charcoal taste would work with fruit.  I made them instead in a grill pan.  You could certainly make them on any outdoor grill as well.


  • 2 peaches halved, pits removed
  • 4 oz marscapone cheese
  • chopped almonds (or any nut)
  • 4+ tsp honey
  • Grill or grill pan

Halve two peaches and remove the pits.  You may also want to scrape out the pit area in case there are any hard bits left behind.

Place the peaches flesh side down into the grill pan or onto a regular grill.  Do not move them around.  They will need to cook for about 5 minutes to soften up and for the sugars of the fruit to caramelize.  Remove them from heat with the grill side up.  Scoop about 1 tbsp of marscapone into the middle of each fruit.

You will need to work quickly because the heat of the peaches will begin to melt the cheese.  As soon as the cheese is in top with chopped almonds and drizzle warm honey all over the top.  The amount is up to you.  Serve and eat immediately.  Having eaten one hot and one just lukewarm — you’ll want to eat it hot!

This is a very fast and easy dessert that looks a lot more complicated than it is.  It can be done with any stone fruit (like plums, nectarines, or apricots) Feel free to mix up the toppings as well.  I’m already envisioning apricots and pistachios in my future.

I hope that you’re final day of fasting is easy!  If you haven’t had a chance yet – I’d appreciate it if you could stop by and do a quick poll about this website.  Your answers will help me improve and get you the information you want to see!  Just click here to do the fast survey.