Does this bread not scream fall? When I stopped by the bakery and saw trays of this beautiful bread fresh out of the oven I knew I had to scoop up a loaf and make something really delicious. It doesn’t take too much convincing for me to try new breads, in fact there was a loaf of spinach feta bread that I had to restrain myself from bringing home. One of the recipes I’ve been most looking forward to creating from Emeril’s “Kicked Up Sandwiches” is the one I chose to make with this bread. The recipe calls for quince paste which I was worried I would not be able to find but chance had it I was at a Whole Foods a few weeks ago and they had some. Quinces are very common in Moroccan cooking and I’ve eaten them once or twice when there. I think they are really unique because when they’re eaten raw they are very bitter but when cooked become sweet. The quince paste is slightly bitter but the sweet flavors come through. I’m a convert to the quince – there’s a new tajine recipe I’ll be posting soon that uses it as well.

Today is cold and rainy – perfect weather to make a sandwich that’s oozing with cheese!  Emeril’s original recipe calls for idiazabal cheese but I couldn’t find this anywhere so I opted for his sub of manchego. The star of the sandwich may be the walnut butter which is perfect with this bread. Combine the other ingredients and grill in a panini press or if you’re like me and don’t have a panini press toss it in your waffle maker or grill pan.  I wish I would have had a big bowl of a creamy potato soup to eat this with! It really is a great anytime sandwich, I would serve this for breakfast, lunch of dinner.

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post however I did receive the Kicked-Up Sandwiches Cookbook for free in order to participate.  I will not be sharing the complete recipe for each sandwich as this compromises the integrity and intellectual property of the cookbook author.  If you would like the complete recipe for this sandwich, cookbooks can be pre-ordered from the publisher.