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Top Paleo Cookbooks to Enhance Your Collection
Several years ago my sister said she was “going paleo.” I was baffled. What in the world did that even mean? She went on to explain (in simple terms I could understand) that you ate foods that would have been available to our hunter/gatherer ancestors. This meant to butter,... Read more
Today’s world meals journey takes us to Europe. Ilze of Let the Journey Begin is sharing meals in her family. She estimates they spend about 10 Euro a day. Find out more about Ilze, her multicultural family and what they eat! First a little background: my husband and I... Read more
World Meals: USA – Texas
 For the third week of my meals around the world series we’re going back to my homeland of the USA. I’m excited for this week because I think many people assume all Americans eat is hamburgers and fries – and that’s just not true! It’s impossible to use just... Read more
World Meals: Taiwan
Last week, I started a series focusing on food, meals, and costs around the world. We started with Annabelle’s European family currently living in Germany. Today we’re going farther east to Taiwan with Amanda of Miss Panda Chinese. From Amanda: Currently we live in the U.S. My hometown Taiwan.... Read more
When I was at the market a few weeks ago I began comparing food prices. Food in Morocco is of course much less expensive than in the US. I was a pretty budget shopper, while still going for as much high quality food as possible. Here food is priced... Read more
Opening Ceremonies: Food Olympics 2012
The Olympic opening ceremonies are tonight!  In honor of celebrating this great world event I decided to host a food Olympics.  Below you’ll find recipes from all over the world.  Make a few and get in the Olympic spirit!!  If you would like to contribute a recipe representing your... Read more
On Tuesday Nour of Nourition shared some of the ways our bodies can react to food.  In today’s post she takes the conversation further to focus on ways to deal with triggers and food issues. Is Your Food Making You Sick? Part Two In my last post, I described... Read more
Is Your Food Making You Sick? Part One
As you know I have been focusing lately on handling my husbands’ celiac disease diagnosis.  It has taken time and a lot of learning for all of us to adjust our diet to accommodate this change.  I have been changing the recipes for the traditional Moroccan foods he loves... Read more