It’s Friday so you know what that means.  It’s time for my favorite female food bloggers series!  Today’s interview is with Shulie Madnick of Food Wanderings.  Shulie describes herself as Indian-Jewish.  She grew up in Israel and has lived in the US for the last two decades. After we left Washington DC three years ago I found and met online, so many fun bloggers from that area!  I can’t tell you how much I wish we were still living in DC and I could get together with these fabulous ladies!  Shulie has a really great style, she’s a good storyteller and she has this lovely sense about her that makes me smile. Her photos are gorgeous and her recipes are always something I never would have thought of.  The combinations that she creates are mouthwatering but rarely ingredients I would have considered together.  I think you’ll love her style and recipes as much as me!


Meet Shulie!


Tell me a little bit about your blog and what you write about.

Food Wanderings is a reflection of who I am and my background as an Indian, Israeli Jewess living in the US now more than half my life. I ‘spin’ (weave) stories as one dear friend & food blogger Deeba of Passionate about Baking put it.  The ‘spin’ was taken out of context, you got to see one of of Deeba’s comments to understand what she meant.

Why did you start blogging?

Throughout many years of dinners and holiday parties my friends, my son & husband urged me to write a cookbook intertwined with my food, cultural and childhood memories, I shared with them. Though not a cookbook but as my son was off to college I felt an urgency to document thoughts, stories and recipes for generations to come through launching Food Wanderings.

What is your earliest memory in the kitchen?

An assembly line growing up in my mom’s Indian kitchen, as we, all four sisters, had a ‘station’ in a cramped up table space with a task. Mine was rolling out the small dough balls into perfect round shapes.


Who or what influences you in the kitchen today?

Primarily my mom. I know you hear it often as we are all biased, but I am to date to meet someone as talented as her in the kitchen.


 What is your favorite ingredient?


Hmm many but if you have onions & garlic you can do a lot!


Everyone has a favorite recipe that we just can’t re-create the same way as our mom, grandma etc.  Which recipe is this for you?

There are tricks to this puren poli, rolled out flat bread filled with sweetened chickpeas paste. My mom’s filling of sweetened chickpea paste never cracked through the rolled out dough. I’ve seen many and rolled out many but my mom always and still makes them to perfection. It tasted same whether cracked or not though.

Who is your favorite “famous/celebrity” chef and why?

I enjoy so many. Just recents: rooted for Chef Zakarian as my favorite chef on The Next Iron Chef. Had a really good meal in Boston couple weeks back at Russel House Tavern in Cambridge, MA Food was seasoned well.


Which of your recipes is your favorite?

I always make red lentil daal/dal/dahl. It is super healthy, low fat, super flavorful, packed with nutrients such as protein and dietary fibers. It is also super quick to make, could be frozen in batches and appropriate for every meal or just as a healthy snack it you get hungry but trying to avoid junk food.

What was your least successful recipe attempt?


While my favorite form of baking is with yeast I really do not like baking cookies. I find them too fussy although I like them along with my tea. I attempted macarons as well 1/2 of a third batch came out with feet. Honesty I absolutely adore & respect the skill that goes into macaron making & I do like the romantic notion of baking cookies around the holidays. So I attempt it once a year around this time.


Which kitchen tool couldn’t you live without?

My spatulas. Funnily enough.

Last meal.  What would yours be?

Indian food


Anything else you’d like to add/share!


We have food allergies and that made me hyper sensitive to what foods we consume. I try to buy at farmer’s market, fresh season and organic when possible.  I am far from perfect though.


I hope that you liked learning a little more about Shulie one of my favorite female food bloggers!  You can visit her blog Food Wanderings and follow her on Twitter.  You’ll be glad you did!