What Summer is Almost Done?!

I’m just getting back from a weekend of traveling and am so tired! I feel like I’m really dragging my tail (as you can tell from this late posting!)  I find that fasting while traveling is also difficult – especially driving several hours with little kids and trying to stay awake while not drinking anything.  I failed…big time.  Before taking this trip my plan was to fast, and keep track of different techniques and strategies for fasting while traveling.  It didn’t work.  Of course, Muslims are not required to fast while traveling but I thought I’d try.  My takeaway from this experience was God knew what he was doing when he excluded those who are traveling from fasting. I’m going to go with that.  Looking forward to a calm week!

Tomorrow’s meals;

Suhoor:  Make your favorite omelet for suhoor.  I like to add in different kinds of cheese and any chopped up leftover vegetables.  Or add some feta and gyro meat for a Greek style omelet.

Iftar: Mix up the briouats with some dim sum potstickers from Flamingo Musings.   I love these things!  This is a vegetarian version but you could cook some ground chicken or even rotisserie chicken to add into the stuffing.  Or you could really make it into a meal using this recipe from Joylicious for Wonton Soup.

Dinner:  This is M’s (see child with head in bucket above) favorite meal.  Quite unexpected for a 7 year old but the kid can’t get enough of Moroccan style lentils.  I keep saying I’ll take a better picture for this post but the food is always gone before I get a chance.  This is another vegetarian meal at it’s base but you can add in beef or lamb stew meat the lentils and add a little more protein.

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How are you doing so far?  Favorite recipe this Ramadan?  I’ll be posting some more with different questions I’ve been asked this month so if you’ve got some please leave a comment or send me an email.