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Speaking multiple languages at home

Speaking Multiple Languages at Home

Being an international family certainly has its challenges. 10 years ago when MarocBaba and I were just starting our life together we worked through a lot of issues. From overcoming immigration hurdles to being newlyweds, new parents, starting our careers, and finding our way as 20 something’s it seemed there was always something lurking around the next corner. Chances are if you’re in a similar relationship you’re familiar with these challenges. While we’ve come into our own as adults and parents we still have challenges. One took center stage just this weekend. I have shared our reasons for moving to…

Life in Marrakech Month 19

Life in Marrakech: Month 19

I am sitting on my open rooftop, soaking in the sun for the first time in months. I can barely remember the changing of the seasons last year – one thing ran into the next and time whizzed by. But not this year. Just four or five days ago the days suddenly turned warm. When I would certainly need a warm jacket and layers in the evening, I can now leave my windows open well past dark. Before long the oppressive heat of a Moroccan summer will be here. But right now, it’s my favorite time of year.

Raising Bilingual Children Header

Raising Bilingual Children: Should We Go Overseas?

When people ask us what made us decide to move to Morocco, we always give the same answer; for our children to learn Arabic and French. This might not be a priority for everyone but it was important for us. I always felt terrible that my kids couldn’t have even basic communication with my husband’s mother and extended family. It brought me many sleepless nights thinking they would grow up and never know this part of their family, all because of a language barrier. I know that it’s not feasible or even practical for everyone to relocate overseas but for…

inlaws header

Living with Your In-Laws: The Honest Truth

I get several emails every week asking me about the dynamics of life here in Morocco or about relationship questions. I love getting email from readers, especially those who tell me they feel a personal connection – what a compliment! Sometimes it can feel like I’m writing into space, but getting those bits of feedback truly mean so much as I continue to write and explore topics that are personal to me but may help someone else. Recently I’ve been getting many messages from families who are considering a move to Morocco, either permanently or temporarily. Every family, and individual’s…

Christmas Story Header

My Muslim Christmas Story

When I became a Muslim 10 years ago there was no doubt in my mind that Christmas would still be a part of our lives. For me it was one of the most magical parts of childhood. Long before I was an adult worrying about budgets and gifts and Santa, and how should we, of two different cultures raise our children, and a million other questions it simply was the most wonderful time of the year. Way before the culture wars, the religion wars, the shaming and “haram/halal” banter, it was the time I felt so incredibly happy. I’m going to…

Depression and Expat Life

Culture Shock, Depression, and the Not-So-Nice Side of Expat Life

Many months ago I shared an article on my Facebook page that was another blogger’s negative experience in Morocco. There was a variety of responses (you can jump over and read them all) but what I found the most was that opening up the conversation gave me a way to being to understand and more importantly put into words my own feelings. We’ve lived in Morocco for 16 months. It’s been great, challenging, happy, sad, frustrating, wonderful, and sometimes just downright hard.  But, I haven’t always been honest about what I’m going through, partly because I don’t  want to seem like I’m…

Technology Games for Kids

Learning on the Road through Technology Games

Many people make the decision to move abroad or live nomadically when their children are young and not yet of formal schooling age. Then there are those of us that decide to do it later in life. Our first year I had grand plans. In fact I had a plan, a back up plan, and a back back up plan (or three). Education is very important to us and it is what worried and excited me the most about moving to Morocco. When we left the US we weren’t sure where or if our kids would be going to school.…

Travel Around the World on Instagram

I spent last week and will be spending this upcoming week at blogging conferences. Just like all professions, yes we bloggers do have conventions and conferences. One major topic lately has been the new(er) social media networks of Instagram and Pinterest (yes of course those link to my profiles!), they also happen to be my favorite social networks. Lots of people don’t understand why but to me it’s very simple. I love pictures, I always have. On Instagram I love to see pictures from all over the world. I can see what’s happening around me, or I can use it…