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Eating Desserts in Jars {Recap}
This past weekend my mom and I took a ride to Burlington, WI for the opening weekend of Fried Green Tomatoes Farm presented by Desserts in Jars. We were a little worried about how the weather would be, as we’ve been having nearly constant thunderstorms, but everything turned out... Read more
Desserts in Jars at Fried Green Tomatoes Farm
Next weekend I’ve been invited to attend an event in Burlington, WI to celebrate the opening of the Fried Green Tomatoes Farm.  They’ve teamed up with the publishers of the fabulous cookbook Dessert in Jars by Shaina Olmanson.  Take a sneak peak of the cookbook;   Desserts in Jars... Read more
I was recently interviewed for an article on Cloud 9 Living about gift giving traditions in Morocco.  You can check out my responses here but they also sent over a fun infographic. Interesting isn’t it?? This interactive gift giving map, brought to you by Cloud 9 Living, is meant... Read more
Finding Morocco at the International Folk Festival
When I moved to our hometown it was mostly in haste and my mom’s comment that “we have a university here.”  She had just relocated after my high school graduation to get re-married and I had yet to visit the area. My college career sent me to lower Michigan... Read more
Crunchy Chickpeas For Your Fall Party
Something about fall makes me want to throw a party! There’s something about football season, cool weather, boots and sweaters that make me excited to heat up the oven and make a great meal to share. My favorite trick for throwing a great party is mixing up great homemade... Read more
Eat The World – 2012 Food Olympics
I LOVE the Olympics.  Even when I was really young I can remember waiting to watch the opening ceremonies to see all of the country flags, outfits and teams. It was so exciting to see people from all over the world. I guess you could say I had a... Read more
The Best Meal I’ve Eaten {Recently}
I’ve been so busy here getting ready for Ramadan that I almost forgot to share with you some exciting news.  At the end of June I went to Chicago for the day to meet with some other great Midwestern bloggers.  Verizon Wireless selected us to be a part of... Read more
Eid al Adha is right around the corner (Sunday) and is perhaps most well known as the “sheep holiday”.  Muslim families purchase a live ram and on the morning of Eid sacrifice the animal.  This is done as a remembrance of Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son on God’s... Read more