Eat the World 2012 Food Olympics

I LOVE the Olympics.  Even when I was really young I can remember waiting to watch the opening ceremonies to see all of the country flags, outfits and teams. It was so exciting to see people from all over the world. I guess you could say I had a huge love of the world for all of my life.

I thought that it would be fun to see if I could get recipes from bloggers all over the world to share on Friday July 27th, the opening day of this years’ Olympics. Ideally the recipe you share is one from your own website however if you don’t have a blog but have a favorite recipe representing your country/culture (or even one of your favorite places) I’d love to include it!

Here’s how it works

– Send me the recipe using this form

– On Friday July 27th, I’ll create a post highlight all of the recipes sorted by country

– If there are too many submissions for one post (hopefully!) I’ll post a series of posts over that weekend so that all can be included.

– Be sure to visit, share, comment, and pin as many of the recipes as possible

This is meant to be fun and a great way to show your pride!  So start submitting recipes now!