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{Guest Post} Chicken with Preserved Lemons from Mother Would Know

Jewish Moroccan Tagine with Preserved Lemons

I’m in New York City and Washington DC with my family for the next few weeks and knew that my time would be limited.  You may have noticed I’m not posting as often, I apologize.  I’m working in a small kitchen without all the ingredients and tools I normally have.  It’s improvisation at it’s best! […]

Gluten-Free Warka {Moroccan Phyllo}

Warka Opacity

Ask any Moroccan chef or home cook what is the single item they would buy over making and chances are pretty good they will say warka (sometimes spelled oarka). Traditional warka is a pain to make. It is closely related to phyllo dough but is a little sturdier and has a crispier texture when cooked. […]

Moroccan Chicken and Rice Soup

Chicken and Rice Soup

In my experience, every culture has it’s version of chicken soup.  With Ramadan approaching quickly I’ve been looking for new soup recipes. I’m a busy mom and finding fast, easy and healthy recipes can sometimes feel like a chore. I’ve always been hesitant about soup because it always felt like it took so much time. […]

Weeknight Beef and Snap Pea Tagine with Sweet Onion & Apricot Mrouzia

Weeknight Beef Tagine

Last week I asked my Facebook fans (you are a fan right?) what they’re go to meals are for summer time.  If you are anything like me spending hours in the kitchen during the summer months is low on your priority list. I’ve been making a lot of really fast and easy dishes on the […]

Moroccan Fried Fish Dinner

Moroccan Fried Fish

A rite of passage when growing up in Wisconsin is attending the fish fry.  Traditionally these were held Friday nights during Lent. But, just about any supper club or family style restaurant has a Friday fish fry.  Dressing up and going out to dinner with grandparents Friday night was a BIG deal!  Interestingly enough Moroccans […]

1960′s Morocco: New King, New Morocco

a century of moroccan eating

I’m going to admit my bias right off the bat by saying King Hassan II is not someone I admire. His rule clearly shapes Morocco as it lasted from 1961 until 1999.  At the time of his father, King Mohamed V’s death (heart attack) there were many rumors that the Hassan had a hand in […]