A revelation I had during this trip to Morocco was that our diet has clearly changed.  While we were once eating meat at every meal we have really relaxed a lot on the quantity and types of meat eaten.  If we do eat meat it’s most likely chicken or turkey.  You might find red meat on our table once a week.  Maybe.  Within 3 days of our trip I felt like I had meat coming out of my ears. No one wants meat coming out of their ears.  Not kidding I was almost in tears I wanted a salad so bad. I cobbled together a little meal and trust me cucumbers and tomatoes never tasted so good.

This is not that meal.

Ha!  I almost had you!  This little meal I put together before we left and I was trying to use up all of our CSA veggies so that they wouldn’t spoil.  The salad is really very simple with just some spicy mixed greens, sweet cherry tomatoes, very thinly sliced yellow heirloom tomatoes and red peppers and a good smattering of goat cheese drizzled with extra virgin olive oil.  Yum.

I put my very favorite side dish with the salad.  Gratin Dauphinois or Potato Gratin.  Potatoes and Cheese.  You really can’t go wrong there especially on a chilly fall night.  Check out this recipe for them from Gratinee.