I’ve posted my recipe before on making Moroccan bread (khobz) and you can find my recipe here.  The fun thing about this bread is that it’s pretty forgiving.  You can use different kinds of flours, mixtures of flours, rising time and making it into different shapes.  Traditionally it is made into a round and there is some technique to making it the authentic way. 

So here we have a ball of dough.  This is ½ whole wheat flour and ½ white flour.  After mixing it in my Kitchen Aid I turn it out into a shallow wide bowl and pour olive oil in my hands and rub the dough with the oil. 

While the dough is rising I prepare my work space.  I use a large butcher block, round wood board to work my dough.  My in-laws have a really large shallow bowl, that looks like the bottom of a tajine.  By large I mean about 2 ½ feet across.  They knead and shape the dough in this, however I have the luxury of a mixer so this is not necessarily.  I also use fine semolina flour on the board to keep the dough from sticking.    Lastly is a large flour sack towel.  One of two of these are used to wrap up the bread once it is made into rounds. 
The dough is then divided into balls.  For smaller rounds make smaller balls. For larger rounds make bigger balls.

This short video shows how I round the balls so that when they flatten they take on the characteristic rounded shape.  
Another short video showing how to flatten the rounds.  

                                                            The final product!  

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