Remember when we went to Paris last fall?  Today I’m sharing a guest post from Laura Pellerine highlighting some of the best Moroccan restaurants in Paris! If you aren’t able to make it to Morocco soon but have Paris in your sights stop off at one of these restaurants and share in a little North African love!

Savor the spices and herbs of North Africa at these Paris eateries. Whether you are staying at a small Parisian gite or are en route to luxurious villas in South of France, these tempting restaurants will let you eat like a sultan. From pastilla au pigeon (a sweet and salty pie with layers of crisp dough) to flavorful tagines with roasted lamb, these meals will leave you dreaming about fluffy couscous, mint tea and Arabian nights.

Try some of Paris’s best Moroccan food at this charming restaurant; fans have been flocking to its doors since it opened in 1985. Nestled across from the Bastille, chef and owner Fatema Hal has devoted years to searching for the most authentic recipes to be found from the North African country. On the menu find eight versions of couscous, from chicken with cinnamon, onions, raisins and almonds to lamb skewers with chickpeas. “La Mourouzia,” a 12th century recipe that includes lamb simmered in 27 spices and a honey sauce is a favorite, as is their signature dish—pastilla au pigeon. 11 rue Faidherbe

Le 404
This authentic Moroccan eatery, close to the Beaubourg and Le Marais districts, uses traditional recipes and ingredients fresh from the market every day. All five of your senses will be tempted by their grilled dishes (like roasted lamb shoulder), couscous (vegetarians will be happy with their Seven Vegetables couscous) and tagines (try the duck, apple and cinnamon tagine). On the weekend, you can even go for a Moroccan brunch, they offer dishes like berber pancakes with honey and cinnamon orange salad. It’s almost worth a visit here just for the ambiance: think lighting provided by lanterns, colorful cushions, low tables and antique African bric-a-bracs.

69 rue des Gravilliers

Step into an Arabian palace at this upscale Moroccan restaurant where the waiters are decked out in suits and ties and the walls are detailed white arches. Instead of complimentary bread found at bistros, diners are treated to a small serving of olives and spiced potatoes. On the menu, you will find an incredible selection of tagines—foodies rave about the prune tagine with almonds. Expect large portions and a dessert selection filled with pastries. 12 blvd St-Germain

Le Timgad
You’ll find couscous here that is at once light and airy, and tagines with meat so tender that it falls off the bones. Their dishes include specialties like charcoal-grilled chicken, tagines with fish, tomatoes, olives, lemons and potatoes, couscous with sausage, and a delightful eggplant salad. End your meal with some honey pastries and mint tea. 21 rue Brunel

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