Has summer flown by for you? It sure has for me! Between traveling, spending time with family and taking part in lots of events time has run it’s course. In a little over a week we’ll be back on an airplane home to Morocco. Because we’ve been so busy I haven’t had much time to go shopping and stock up on the things we’d like to take back. One big priority was to get the boys some new clothes for school, especially long sleeve and warmer clothing. The selection of these types of things in Morocco is limited, and while they don’t need too many warm things in Morocco, they sure need it when we travel out of Morocco in wintertime.

Thanks to my friends at Tea Collection my boys were each able to pick out five new things for their wardrobes. I love their themed clothing. Previously Tea featured Moroccan inspired items, their selections for fall are German themed. I let the boys decide what they wanted (with a little guidance). Another great thing about Tea is that almost all of their clothes are coordinated so I knew whatever they chose would have multiple functions and coordinate with each other.

Tea Collection Back to School


K is all about what feels good. He wants things that are comfortable and soft. So that’s exactly what he picked, a bright green sweatshirt, blue with green striped sweatpants, this hoodie, a fun animal print shirt, and a pair of khaki/yellow pants.

Little Boys Tea Collection


Comfy Clothes from Tea for Boys


These pieces will be great for our winter months that aren’t really cold but without any central heating, there’s a chill. For M, I let him have complete free reign over what he chose. He’s starting to be at the age where he fixes his hair, wants to wear cologne, and suddenly matching is a big deal. He also was much more interested in showing off his new threads!

Older Boys Gorilla Shirt Tea Collection


Boys Tea Collection Dress Shirt


Boys Germany Collection for Tea Company

Tea Collection offers newborn through size 12 in boys and girls, as well as offering a few pieces each season for moms. I am in love with their unique and really trendy clothes for boys. I am so tired of seeing the same things over and over and there being so few options for boys that it’s really refreshing to see a brand focusing on boys as much as girls. Also what isn’t to love about a brand that encourages global citizens through destination inspired items?

How are you getting ready for back to school?

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 Disclaimer: We were provided with these items from Tea Collection. All opinions are my own!