Middle Eastern SundaySupper

#SundaySupper Middle Eastern Foods Preview

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Middle Eastern SundaySupper


I’m so excited to be hosting this weekend’s #SundaySupper! I have been wanting to do a post sharing all kinds of delicious Middle Eastern food and now it’s here!  We’re defining Middle East as the countries of North Africa, the Gulf States, the Levant or region traditionally thought of as the Middle East, and we’re also including Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.  There are a lot of different foods and cultures represented in this vast region. Some have chosen to tackle traditional recipes while others have created their own interpretation of classics.  One things for sure -it’s all delicious!


Won’t you join me and the other #SundaySupper bloggers on Sunday for some amazing dishes? We’d love to share some Middle Eastern hospitality with you! Here’s a preview of what the team is preparing;

Mezze {Appetizers}

Salata {Salads and Sides}


Halwa {Desserts}

Come back on Sunday for my recipe and links to these delicious dishes!

Amanda Mouttaki#SundaySupper Middle Eastern Foods Preview


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