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Mimouna Ideas and Inspiration

Last year for Mimouna I wrote a general post, introducing many of you to this unique Moroccan holiday.  Whether you’re Jewish or not, Mimouna is a great festival to share with family and friends.

This year the holiday is on April 2nd.  So get your wheat flour ready to celebrate!

Mimouna, like many Moroccan holidays, is a religious celebration to mark the end of a time of abstaining with what else but amazingly delicious food.

In honor of Mimouna this year, here are some links to a few traditional Mimouna dishes for your celebration.

image and recipe link to Marrakech Emma

image and recipe credit to Marrakech Emma


Moroccan White Fish for Mimouna

Riad Zany’s Moufleta Recipe

Some of the other foods that make up the Mimouna table include;

  • a white almond nougat called “zabane”,
  • dates stuffed with marzipan,
  • fried raisins decorated with nuts and/or currant preserves called “mrouziya”,
  • a jam made from oranges, grapefruit, carrots, turnips, and beets known as “mazun”,
  • m’hamsa (also known as Israeli) couscous served in butter and milk called “berkouksh”
  • Moroccan salads like za’alook
  • butter wafers
  • mint tea

To be perfectly honest I found it terribly difficult to find recipes for foods other than Moufleta.  I’m not sure why, as there are quite a few Moroccan Jewish blogs.  I did find some of thse recipes shared on a Yahoo group – feel free to test them out! Next year for the holiday I’m going to try my hand and re-creating these foods and sharing recipes.

Two of my favorite Moroccan Jewish blogs for inspiration;

Read more about Mimouna;

Rabbi Barbara


Hands on Jewish Holidays

Most importantly do you have a Mimouna story or recipe to share? Please leave it in the comments!






  1. Hello Amanda,

    The best place where you can find the Marzipan recipies is the city of Safi. They call it Masabane. It is still the tradition in Safi. Actually I do have some in my freezer. I brought them this year from Asfi. The taste is fabulous…

  2. I spent a year studying in Paris and living with a Sephardic family that had left Algeria after independence from France. They also had a party at the end of Passover to re-introduce flour to the house but I never heard the name of it. They made a big couscous as the main dish and decorated the table with flour and wheat stalks. As an Ashkenazi Jew, I had never seen this tradition and I thought it was so fun!

    • The name of the celebration at the end of Passover is Mimouna.

      • marocmama says:

        I’m sorry if that wasn’t clear from this post. But yes, Mimouna is the celebration at the end of Passover.

    • marocmama says:

      I love different traditions – even within the same religion, it’s really amazing. How awesome to actually experience it. I hope I will get the chance one day.

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