A Sneak Peek….the NEW MarocMama!

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Do things look a little different around here? I bet they do!!  I’ve been working behind the scenes for sometime to create a new look and feel for MarocMama.  I have mentioned some other changes, like a focus on things other than food and that too will continue to evolve going forward. I love food and cooking, it won’t be going away but there’s so many other things I want to share with you.  I get a lot of reader questions and it’s made me realize I have a whole bunch of interesting material to share!

I have one more little thing to unveil.  Along with the new look – I have a new logo!!!










What do you think?

I love her!  She’s such an adorable little peacock!  Did you catch what her tail is made of?  Tajines! I know the colorful peacocks are male but this one is going to be a girl.  I really think that this logo is a great representation of who I am and what MarocMama is growing into.  Peacocks have a really interesting place in history and I have long been drawn to them (check out this article to find out some of the facts surrounding this animal in history). Some of the traits I most closely connect to are kindness, love, beauty, life, radiance and renewal.  The multi-colors of a peacock remind me of my family and our journey.  A little bit of this and a little bit of that pulled together into something beautiful.  One other interesting note on this design, the name my husband and his family “gave me” in Arabic is Amera – it means princess, so that little crown has some significance.  Hey, a girl can pretend!  I have to give complete credit to my brother-in-law Matt Dubay of Celsius for his work on this.  If you’re in the market for a logo redo or any other design work shoot him an email.

This probably won’t be the end of the all the changes to come but it’s a start.  Thanks for reading and joining me on this journey.  I’m so excited and hope you are too!

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Amanda MouttakiA Sneak Peek….the NEW MarocMama!


  1. Kelly

    I love the new look and the logo. A peacock is a “royal turkey” in Spanish. We can forget the turkey part and take the royal bit to tie in with the crown and princess theme :-)

    1. Author

      Thanks so much! I will be sure to pass along the positive vibes about the logo!

  2. Justine Ickes

    Finally! I’ve been checking in the past few days, anxious to see your new look. LOVE the clickable recipes in the top navigation bar. And the peacock is adorable – how fun to incorporate the tanginess her tail and the crown! So, will she have a special name like you, Amanda? :-)

      1. Justine

        Ooh, a naming content sounds like fun, Amanda. You’ve got a lot of smart and creative people following you so I’m sure we could up a great name. But the one your husband calls you is pretty sweet.

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