During this time of year there is never a shortage of house guests, parties to attend, or events to host. Not to mention the snack requests from the kids school. It also feels like I continually am getting updates on dietary restrictions. Whatever happened to a good old chocolate chip cookie as a snack? Thankfully this recipe is easier than chocolate chip cookies and much better for you too.  This is a go to recipe when you need a snack-type food as an appetizer and don’t have time to run to the store. Nearly every ingredient can be swapped for something else you have on hand in your pantry.



This is the fun part.  Start with the base of the Bombay Spice chickpeas and then begin adding the other ingredients.  The items I listed are suggestions but feel free to experiment. I tried to balance the spicy/savory chickpeas with a little bit of sweetness. When you’ve added everything mix well to combine.  There is enough seasoning on the chickpeas that you won’t need to add additional. Serve in a big bowl or in small bowls scattered around the party for guests to nibble on!

I can’t help but thinking this would make a great hostess gift (or really gift for anyone!).  Simply fill up a large glass jar with snack mix, tie on a cute ribbon and ta-da!

Saffron Road also carries Wasabi and Falafel flavored chickpeas that would also be excellent in snack mixes! Saffron Road is also working on developing some new flavors for chickpeas.

You can now find Saffron Road crunchy chickpeas at Whole Foods Markets around the country!  While you’re there you may also want to pick up the Whole Foods Foundation 2013 calendar. It’s $3 with all proceeds to benefit poverty alleviation around the world. Inside you’ll find $40 worth of coupons including one for Saffron Road!

What new flavor of crunchy chickpeas would you love to taste?


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