Saffron Road Ramadan

Preparing Your Kitchen for Ramadan

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Saffron Road Ramadan

Join me and Saffron Road Foods on Tuesday July 17th at 8 Eastern/ 7 Central for a Twitter chat to get your kitchen ready for Ramadan.  We are only a few weeks away from celebrating this holy month and while we prepare our hearts and minds for the spiritual journey that takes place, many of us also need to prepare for our families nutritional needs.

Bring your favorite Ramadan recipes and join us!

Not sure how a Twitter chat works?

If you’re not a Twitter user – sign up today!  It’s easy and a great tool for interacting with others.

If you are a user, pull up our hashtag #RamadanKitchen and follow along.  I will be asking questions throughout the hour.  Questions are designated as Q1, Q2, etc.  When you respond use A1, A2 so that we can all follow along which question you’re answering.  At the end of your tweet be sure to use our hashtag #Ramadan Kitchen.  Some people like to use services such as Tweetchat to follow the chat easily.

I encourage you to share links to your favorite recipes and be sure to visit our chat sponsor Saffron Road Food to see their offerings.  I will be giving away coupons for free Saffron Road products throughout the chat.  All of their delicious products can help you with your Ramadan meal planning.

I hope that you will join us. Please leave me a comment below if you can come and share this page with your friends, like any good party the more the merrier!   I can’t wait to hear all that you have to share!

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Amanda MouttakiPreparing Your Kitchen for Ramadan


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