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40 Gluten-Free Lunch and Snack Ideas

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Summer is here and that means this mom has to have lunches and snacks ready for two hungry boys (and their dad).  A few months ago I moved from working out of the home to working from home.  I hoped that with this switch I would be able to more involved with my kids during the summer and it would take some stress off of me. MarocBaba is around more in the summer too (he works at night) and is chief activity manager.  But, he isn’t really good in the kitchen.  I made this list of lunch and snack ideas for him and realized some of you might also be interested.

Lunch Ideas

  • Quesadilla on Corn Tortillas (filling ideas, black beans, cheese, turkey pepperoni, chicken in BBQ sauce)
  • Hamburgers on Gluten Free buns
  • Mini Pizzas on gluten free bagels or english muffins

Lettuce Wraps 2


  •  Grilled Kebobs (Chicken, Beef or Veggie)
  • cubed cheese, meat, veggies on or off a stick
  • Pasta salad with GF Pasta and lots of veggies and Italian Dressing marinade
  • Burritos with corn tortillas
  • Egg Muffins
  • Risotto with Veggies

Snack Ideas

  • any kind of fruit cut up
  • frozen bananas
  • frozen grapes
  • Veggies with Dip (Hummus or Ranch are favorites)
  • Popsicles
  • Corn Chips and Salsa
  • Sugar Free Pudding
  • Apple slices and peanut butter
  • Popcorn
  • Dates stuffed with almond butter
  • Trail Mix
  • Dry GF Cereal
  • Yogurt
  • Mixed Nuts
  • String Cheese
  • Rice Cakes
  • Turkey Pepperoni Slices and cubed cheese
  • GF Crackers and Cheese
  • GF granola bars
  • Sweets (Cupcakes, brownies, cookies – I limit these but there are some great mixes)

There it is – 40 lunch and snack ideas to make it through the summer! I tried to stick with easy, fast and limited cooking time required.  Most of these items would make great lunch box items for the school year too.

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I’m always on the lookout for new ideas – share some of yours in the comments or leave a link to great recipe posts.

40 Gluten Free Lunch and Snack Ideas

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Amanda Mouttaki40 Gluten-Free Lunch and Snack Ideas


  1. Amy

    This is a great list. I don’t put much thought into gluten free foods, but some of these are so easy and much less expensive that I may try them. Great post.

  2. susan

    great ideas! thanks so much for including my gluten free chicken nuggets. Happy summer to you!

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