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Fall Flowers for a Moroccan Wedding


Yesterday was the big wedding day.  Moroccan weddings are quite a bit different from American weddings however there are some similar aspects.  One thing that my brother in law wanted for the wedding was for him and his brother to have boutonnieres.  This is not typical and so buying one wasn’t an option.  I made them instead.  I also put together a bouquet of flowers for the aroosa (bride).  There aren’t a lot of choices in Morocco but I went with pink and white roses, purpose peonys and one bird of paradise flower.  I thought that it came together nicely.

Along with these flowers there were white rose centerpieces and at the end of the night everyone took the petals off to throw at the bride and groom.  Not the small handfuls that  might happen here .  I’m talking about loads of flower petals being thrown on top of them!!  I really love how flowers can totally change an event.  It really adds such a nice touch.

Although fall is in full swing in the US it still feels like summer in Morocco.  When I picked out clors I wanted something that gave off the feeling of fall flowers.  The bird of paradise fit the bill.  I also imagined something like this beautiful bouquet from Teleflora would have made a gorgeous centerpiece.

I will be posting more pictures and thoughts on the wedding and my trip soon.

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  1. Lovely! How nice to know more about wedding cultural differences!
    Hope all is going well for you and family.

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