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Guess what…MarocMama is getting a little burned out in the kitchen.  We try and keep our meals simple and many of the items I’m sharing here daily are what make up our meals.  But cooking for 8 almost 9 days straight usually doesn’t happen.  I try and substitute in some quick and easy meals like sandwiches with veggies or a spaghetti that I can whip together.  This is not the case during Ramadan.  While I still try and keep things simple most of the items do require some amount of work and time in my hot kitchen.

Meals for tomorrow’s planning;

Suhoor: Spanish Omelette. Tonight either bake or boil some red potatoes until they are cooked 3/4 of the way through.  Refrigerate for tomorrow morning.  In the morning either dice or slice potatoes thinly. Do the same with onions.  In a saute pan add a little oil and layer the onions and then potatoes in a single layer.  Season with salt and paprika.  Allow to cook for about 5-8 minutes on medium heat – do not flip over.  Break and whisk together 2-3 eggs and season with salt and pepper.  You can also add grated Manchego or Iberico cheese or even Parmesan.  Cover saute pan with a lid or even tinfoil until eggs are set (should take less than 5 minutes.  Eat!

Iftar: Let’s keep things cool tonight.  These Vietnamese Spring Rolls from Tiny Urban Kitchen are a low heat meal (all you need to do is cook the shrimp – buy pre-cooked and you won’t even have to turn your stove on!) Heat up any leftovers you have to round out the meal.

Dinner: This one you will need to cook but is very tasty.  A Feta Stuffed Turkey Meatloaf from All Day I Dream About Food is a great protein boost and low carb for anyone whose getting carb overload at this point.  It’s great cold or crumbled into an omelette as well.

Today I’m starting a new Ramadan giveaway….Saffron Road Foods!  

Several months ago I first started seeing Saffron Road float around social media and was intrigued that it was halal (the meat is raised and slaughtered according to Islamic dietary rules) and many of the entrees are Gluten Free which is big since MarocBaba has an intolerance.  But i was wary because frozen meals usually are not very tasty.

After trying every single frozen entree Saffron Road has I can honestly say we were very impressed.  So much so that MarocBaba has specifically asked for me to buy him the Chicken Biryani to have on hand at all times.  My favorite are the Lamb Koftis and the Moroccan Lamb Stew.  We also tried the new chicken products including the bites, nuggets and tandoori nuggets.  I’ll be sharing a recipe later in the week using some of these products.

I highly recommend these products for anyone but especially for moms like me who need a little break from the kitchen or for small families who are looking for a great entree in a short time.  All of the meals were full of flavor but not too spicy which is good for me.  Also the grains used (rice and couscous) do not get soggy or taste like they have been re-heated.  Preparation couldn’t be easier – just open the box, put the entree on a cookie sheet and cook for 40 minutes. Add some fresh chopped up vegetables and a bowl of soup and voila iftar is served!

Now to the fun part..I’m giving away 5 coupons for FREE Saffron Road entrees! 

One of these coupons will go to a MarocMama newsletter subscriber that is randomly selected (see I told you there were benefits to subscribing!)  The other 4 will be chosen at random from those who participate below.  This giveaway is open to US residents only and coupons can be used anywhere Saffron Road is sold (to find a store near you can check here.) Please use the entry form below to enter.  There is one mandatory entry and the rest of the entries are extras.  You must complete the mandatory entry to qualify. If you have any problems with the form please let me know!

*I was given free vouchers to try these Saffron Road products.  All opinions however are my own.  

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  • Twila

    August 10, 2011 #2 Author

    Any of them! To find something Halal for my family and gluten-free for my daughter is a challenge. I will definitely have to find them locally and give it a try.


    • marocmama

      August 10, 2011 #3 Author

      That was a big reason I was attracted to the product!!


  • Madison

    August 8, 2011 #4 Author

    That Moroccan lamb stew w/ couscous sounds AWFUL good!


  • L.L.

    August 8, 2011 #5 Author

    I’d like to try to moroccan stew and chicken biryani.


  • Shiraz

    August 8, 2011 #6 Author

    I haven’t tried any as of yet but will be trying the Moroccan Lamb Stew tonight iA


  • johanna

    August 8, 2011 #7 Author

    I would love the Moroccan Lamb and Lamb Briyani YUMMMMMMMMM


    • eh

      August 11, 2011 #8 Author

      the moroccan stew is amaaaazing!


  • Athena

    August 8, 2011 #9 Author

    These sound fabulous. I’m always on the lookout for new products. I would love to try the chicken biryani.


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