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Guest Post: Flourishing My Family with Organic Eating

Today’s guest post comes from Sally at Eat Breathe Blog. (You can also find her on Twitter @eatbreatheblog) Sally is a loving mother and wife. She loves blogging about her various hobbies including running, health, wellness, fashion and some other various subjects. She’s an elementary school teacher in a Chicago suburb. She loves spending time with her family above all else.  Sally is sharing her story about organic eating.  I’m a huge advocate for eating organic/whole foods (see my series on Whole Food living) and hope that Sally’s story might click with you too!

My baby was the first person in our family to eat organic food. I had decided to make his baby food myself, because I didn’t want all those preservatives in his little body. When I got to the grocery store I realized that if I was going to take that step, I should also get him organic fruits and vegetables. There was no sense in sparing him preservatives but then subjecting him to pesticides and added hormones.

So I started buying organic bananas and pears, then apples. Then I ventured into buying him some organic baby yogurt because I found some online coupons. Being curious to see how my creations were turning out, I frequently tasted his purees and found them to be delicious! I also noticed the color of them was brighter than I expected.

I started buying more and more organic produce for the whole family. When preparing steamed vegetables and fresh salads for my husband, I again marveled at the color of the produce. It was like the vitamins were just itching to jump into our bodies!

My husband used to think the ‘organic’ label was a scam, so I didn’t tell him I was experimenting with our produce purchases. He almost immediately noticed the difference, though. He would remark on how well something tasted and would ask where I got it. Now that I’ve come clean, he’s a believer in organic as well!

A few times I’ve had to make quick runs to a store that doesn’t carry a lot of organic produce, and now I can tell a huge difference between organic and non-organic. The non-organic stuff now seems fake and waxy.

One way it has certainly changed my life is that it gives me peace of mind. Before I started eating organic produce, I never really thought about the pesticides and other additives in our fruits and vegetables. But now that I’ve seen and tasted the difference, it makes me cringe to think of all the unnecessary and potentially dangerous food I’ve served my family. Now I can serve them healthy food without worrying about what someone else has put on it and in it. It’s a huge load off my mind.

It’s been such a huge blessing to my family, we’ve started venturing into organic dairy and eggs. There’s a nearby farm that provides us with fresh, local organic milk and eggs on a weekly basis, and the difference is night and day! The milk is so much fresher and the eggs are so much more robust.

This summer, when farmer’s markets start up again, I plan on looking into local, organic beef and chicken. There are a few farms locally that produce organic meat, but I want to talk to the farmers and ask a few questions.

I think the best way eating organic food has flourished my family is that is has sparked an interest in us to know more about our food and its origin. Before, I was happy to simply buy whatever food was offered at the grocery store. Now I’m reading labels and asking questions, and that is sure to make my family healthier and more educated in the long run!

Have you made the switch?  Why or why not?

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