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Recipe Round-Up

We have a winner for the contest!  Congratulations to Jen from My Crafty Life!  Please email me your mailing address Jen so that this bag can get on it’s way to you!

A big part of blogging (in my opinion at least) is reading other blogs.  I get a lot of ideas and a sense of community this way.  Today I wanted to share some of the great recipes I’ve come across this week with you.  I often share great posts on my Facebook page.  If you’re not a follower there - join us!

Some of the best from this week;

Eggplant Season –  Food Bridge.  Sarah is an American blogger living in Israel who I adore.  Her dishes are soo good and the pictures absolutely beautiful.  This post made me smile on a dreary snowy week that is nowhere near eggplant season for me!

What You Need to Know About Buying, Storing, and Cooking with Spices – Simple Bites.   I use a lot of spices and most of my spices come from Morocco.  This is a great post from Aimee to help you if you’re new to the spice world!  (I ADORE the tins in the first picture…I must have one!

Cardamom Sweet Bread (Pulla) -Global Table Adventure – The COOLEST project I’ve seen online in a long time. I love reading all of the updates from this fantastic blog.  Sasha is a great writer and I always find myself wanting to eat even the odd foods from different countries.  This recipe however just looks delicious.  Growing up in an area heavy on Finns it also was very familiar.  I’ll be making a loaf to bring to my grandma this weekend.

Pistachio Ma’mouls – Taste of Beirut.  I have never seen pistachio ma’mouls, but have seen date and prune filled varieties.  This looks so delicious.

Teeny Tiny Cake Ball and Chocolate Chip Cookies – SugarDerby – I like cookies – a lot.  These cookies should be criminal because they are just amazing!

The LunchBox Project – This is not a cooking blog persay – but I love all of the super cute illustrations.  Lately they have been herbs.  I want an herb poster!

Pumpkin Gnocchi – The Colors of Indian Cooking – Kathy shares a familiar tale for me too in this post.  I can relate to cooking an awful lot of Moroccan food and not leaving much room for my roots.  Pumpkin Gnocchi sounds like just the bit of comfort I could use!

What are some of your favorite recipes of recent? Which of the recipes I shared stick out to you?



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