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Guest Post: Indi-rockin Chicken Tikka Guest Post: Indi-rockin Chicken Tikka

Today’s post is a special guest post from Jennifer at Harmonic Mama.  She made one of my favorite fast Moroccan fusion dishes for her family.  Hope you enjoy and stop by and visit her blog too!

I have been looking at the recipes here on Maroc Mama for a while. There are so many great recipes but being a working mom I’m always trying to find something that will wow my family and cook up quickly so we won’t be sitting down for dinner at 9pm. Well the other night I decided to cook up the Indi’rockin Chicken Tikka. It looked like it would cook up fast and since it had tomatos and chicken I had a fighting chance that my kids would like it.

Indi'rockin Chicken Tikka


I mixed the spices with the thick greek yogurt and let it sit. I then chopped the chicken and dredged it in the mixture. I will admit that I skipped the marinating step because I forgot to plan ahead and was making this after work. Once I sauted the onions and added the tomatoes the kitchen started to smell great. I then added the chicken and the marinade and let it simmer.


Indi'rockin Chicken Tikka


Several times my kids popped into the kitchen to ask what smelled so good. Once the chicken was cooked it was time to serve.


Indi'rockin Chicken Tikka


My oldest made a wonderful salad to go with and I had prepared some rice in the rice cooker. Despite how good it smelled to my children I was anxious to see if they liked it. It was on the spicyer side and my oldest definately doesn’t like spicy. To my utter suprize they both loved it, they drank alot of water, but they loved it. This is definitely impressive and something that I will cook again and I look forward to making more recipes from Maroc Mama.


Thanks so much Jennifer!  If you’d like to write a guest post about a recipe of mine you’ve tried I would love to share it!  Get in touch to let me know!

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  • Ponn Sabra

    February 23, 2011 #1 Author

    Congrats Jennifer for introducing this tasty new dish to your family’s diet; pretty pictures too! Great new series Amanda, look forward to seeing more.

    Amanda, NICE new layout! Pretty, happy, clean & fun!


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