Stylish Blogger Award

So fun!  I got a message that Allison at French Whisk and Teresa at One Wet Foot nominated me for a Stylish Blogger award!  Thank you so much ladies!  I’ve gotten to know their blogs from French Fridays with Dorie (along with tons of others!)  Seeing this little message was a little boost that I needed!

Now to play!

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.

Thank you Allison and Teresa!  I’ve been really happy to discover your blogs and read your writing!

2. Share seven things about yourself.
1) I love to read; especially really long historical fiction
2) When I was growing up I wanted to be an EMT, except I hate blood.
3) I hate onions, like really if I bite one it makes me sick.
4) My first car was a 1984 Chevy S-10
5) If I could eat only one thing it would be bread.
6) I dream of moving to Morocco and opening a women’s shelter and development center
7) I’m a news and politics junkie, really I get enjoyment from watching CSPAN

3. Award fifteen recently discovered bloggers.
1) Rambling Spoon

2) Simplicty’s table by the Sea
3) Chefdruck’s Musings
4) Cookin’ Canuck
5) Food Bridge
6) Gherkins $ Tomatoes
7) La Pomme de Portland

8) One Tribe Gourmet
9) Syrian Foodie in London
10) Taste of Beirut

11) The Colors of Indian Cooking
12) The CSA Files
13) Gingerbread Bagels
14) Cake Duchess

15) Frosting for the Cause (so this one isn’t really a blog but I’ll be posting here in March – great cause)

4. Contact these bloggers let them know about this award.

It was fun to hop around and leave comments!

I hope you’ll stop by and visit some of these blogs – they are some of my very favorites! A few I’ve followed for a long time and some are brand new discoveries.  Hope you enjoy!

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