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Giveaway Time!

In conjunction with the Food of the Sun weekly blog theme I have decided to randomly giveaway a Moroccan tea set.  I talked about this set a few weeks ago as an item that I had for sale.  There were no takers  and so I decided to use it as a giveaway!  I will be picking one person at random to win a set of 5 glasses and the ingredients for making Moroccan Mint Tea.  Would you like to win it?

There are a few ways that you will be able to get entries.  

1) For each recipe you share in the weekly posts you will get 1 entry.  You are limited to 2 recipes a week but can post 2 recipes each week (including past weeks)

2) Blog about Food of the Sun to your readers

3) Tweet about the contest.  Make sure to mention @marocmama “@marocmama is giving away a Moroccan tea set for Food of the Sun participants click to read more.(link)” You can use any wording you would like.  (Leave a comment below saying “I tweeted about this!”)

4) Like Maroc Mama Facebook page (Leave a comment below saying “I like MarocMama on Facebook)

5) Subscribe to MarocMama newsletter.(Leave a comment below saying: I subscribe to MarocMama – newsletter or RSS)

For items 2-5 – make sure you leave a comment to let me know when you do them!  For #1 you can leave a comment on any of the previous Food of the Sun posts for back entries.  In the end I will compile all of the entries and choose a random winner.  

It’s important for you to leave a comment so that you can be sure to be counted!  Make sure to leave a comment for EACH action you do.  So if you tweet and blog – leave 1 comment that you tweeted and 1 comment that you blogged!
Past Entries:
Healthy Recipes
Comfort Food
Winter/Holiday Dessert

You can find the complete listing of upcoming weekly themes on the main post.


  1. It's actually pretty good iced! The recipe uses quite a bit of sugar but you could swap in Splenda too!

  2. I liked your facebook for my last entry and I unfortunately spammed my twitter feed, because I wasn't used to the wibiya feed. So I sent the message twice. Darn Technology!

  3. I can't help it, I have to have an entry for this giveaway! ;-) So how would the Mint Tea taste iced? Marge

  4. subscribed to your newsletter and confirmed

    tumblemumbo at

  5. liked marocmama on fb / ana amanti

    tumblemumbo at

  6. I think it would be unreasonable to expect you to post this to the UK! but just thought I'd say a) what beautiful tea glasses and b) you've inspired me to make Moroccan tea again, something I haven't done for ages – I've got some tea glasses, a little silver teapot I bought in Marrakech, an some gunpowder tea… all I lack is a proper pillar of sugar!

    Incidentally, when I get married I am planning on placing flowers around the house in colourful tea glasses to decorate it :-)

  7. Hi, This Meriem from VJ. I "liked" your facebook page and subscribed to your newsletter. Thanks!!!

  8. Have retweeted as well.

  9. I have liked your post on Facebook

  10. Hi Amanda. I am a friend of Henia and I e-mailed you earlier but for some reason the e-mail was undelivered. I would like to host one of the Food of the Sun events (after the Bread event) so please let me know.
    I love mint tea and we drink it a lot in Cyprus and this is a great giveaway. You can also check the giveaway of my book on Cypriot cuisine as well if you and your readers would like to participate in the draw.

  11. I am now following the blog.

  12. I liked Mroc Mama on FB

  13. I retweeted this (@nachida), as well as posted the how Food of the Sun Blog Carnival on FB, blogged about it (when I posted my recipe on Algerianfied Cottage Pie), liked you on FB a long time ago and subscribed to your newsletter a few weeks ago. I plan on putting more recipes up but am struggling to find time with work.

  14. I tweeted this :D (butterfly2729) and just subbed to the newsletter.
    I'm already following the blog hehe!


  1. [...] wanted to update everyone – I have not yet picked a winner for the tea set giveaway.  I’m going to give everyone one more week to register.  Deadline is February 11th!  I [...]

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