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French Fridays with Dorie: Pumpkin Gorgonzola Flan


I only caught one of the cooking weeks in October.  Last month each week had a specific recipe that everyone would make.  However, November there are four recipes and we each are left to pick which recipe we would like to make each week.  My first choice this week was Potato Gratin but I didn’t have the cream and cheese needed on hand.  So my second choice was the Pumpkin Gorgonzola Flan.  I’m posting extremely late today because well I just made these tonight!  

I’m not going to say the recipe was a fail because I made several alterations based on what I hand.  I did discover that I don’t really love pumpkin.  I mean I do love pumpkin, I just love it when it’s jacked up with sugar.  The real taste of pumpkin..not so much.  

I should have guessed this wasn’t go so well off the bat.  I didn’t have the heavy cream needed so I used my standard organic skim.  No gorgonzola because cheeses that are blue scare me, so I used crumbled goat cheese.  No walnuts, we’ll swap in some almonds there.  So already things are not the same.  I dutifully whisked the required ingredients together for a custard.  I prepared the boiling water for the water bath that these had to cook in.  Ramekins lined with butter- check.  Custard filled – check.  Cheese and nuts added – check.  Slide into oven – check.  

25 minutes later I was back to check.  I opened the oven to a wonderful smell but the flans looked well they looked the same way they did when I put them in.  I glanced up…I had turned the temperature dial on the oven but never switched it to bake.  #fail.  I did turn it on and came back 25 more minutes later and ta da they were done!!  

They had to cool a little bit but I was excited to check them out.  

I added a dallop of whole Greek yogurt and grabbed a little spoon to dig in.  They weren’t bad.  But, I didn’t love them.  It was the pumpkin for me that just didn’t taste well. it didn’t taste good.  I did like the addition of almonds but I only ate one and I don’t really want to eat anymore.   

So the record stands at 1 to 1 for French Fridays.  Let’s hope next week is a victory.

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If you would like to cook along make sure you pick up Around My French Table: More Than 300 Recipes from My Home to Yours and join the group!  


  1. Oppsy, sorry u didn like it too muc , and im making it this week!
    Ur subs sound great ,maybe rite, u jus dont fancy pumpkin:-(
    Love FFwD and lookin forward to what u have around here next week!

  2. I think the substitutions you made sound good! I totally agree with lightening the recipe a bit- it's not exactly low in saturated fat. :O Try drizzling with honey or maple syrup- I liked the sweet honey with the salty gorgonzola.

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