Got a Question?

I occasionally get emails from readers who have specific questions about different aspects of Moroccan cooking and I am always more than happy to answer them.  However yesterday the thought of making those answers public as blog posts might be very helpful to other readers who have the same questions but haven’t asked.  Isn’t that what they used to tell us in school?  No questions are bad questions because if one of us doesn’t understand or has a question there are usually more classmates with the same questions but are too shy to ask!  So please send me your questions or send me ideas for specific types of Morocan food or recipes you would like to see!!

I have been branching out a little bit, including other great recipes that I enjoy because let’s face it – I don’t cook Moroccan food all the time.  Do you like this or would you like to see more Moroccan style recipes?  

So remember today and any day (!)  to send over your questions and requests – it really helps me see where you are what would be beneficial to add to the site!  There’s a contact bar on the right side – you can also email me here.  Or make sure you join my Facebook page and leave a comment there!  Looking forward to hearing from you!

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