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Appliance 911

I don’t often post great deals or contests that I find however this one I think will appeal to a lot of my readers.  (Sorry to all my international guests – this one is only for US residents!)  So without further adieu….

I adore Kitchen Aid, it’s true.  The best wedding present I got was my Kitchen Aid stand mixer, a true life saver and constant counter companion!

So do you need a new kitchen?  Or would you just love a new kitchen?  Sears and Kitchen Aid are giving one away to a lucky participant!!  How cool would it be if a MarocMama reader won the new kitchen?  I might just have to come to your kitchen and make you a special Moroccan meal.  So if you do enter let me know and if you win – make sure to let me know and  I promise I’ll come and cook you a meal!  

All you have to do is visit the website and submit a picture of your current kitchen and a few lines describing your kitchen.  That’s it.  Good luck!

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