So you want to learn how to cook…

I’ve decided to host a live cooking event on MarocMama.  I’ve scheduled it for September 13th at 8pm Central.  If you’d like to attend please make sure to RSVP on Facebook.  To participate is simple.  Did you see the new toolbar at the bottom of the page?  Well there’s a chat option there.  Just click on the video chat option and I will be right there cooking!  I will be making rghaif (msemmen stuffed with ground beef and onion).  I may also make another dish but haven’t worked out how much time that might take.  I plan to keep things around one hour for this test run.  If all goes well I plan to make it a regular feature. 
A few other interesting happenings that I’ve wanted to point out. 

  • Did you notice that I’ve started a Recipe Index?  This will serve as another method of organization for the recipes I share.
  • I recently helped a friend in an article she was writing about Women’s Travel in Morocco.  I think she did a fantastic job!  Stop by Journey to Travel and check it out.
  • Have you visited Talk Morocco yet?  This fantastic website is dedicated to Moroccan issues and focuses on a new topic every month.  This month’s feature is on bureaucracy and the plight of many of us who have tried to navigate the complexities that are Moroccan bureaucracy.  My Chasing Papers essay details how horrendous encounters with trying to register our marriage and son’s birth.  I’d love for you to stop by.  It really is a great site with so many fantastic essayists.  
  • The  MarocMama Market now has all three spice mixes listed individually for purchase.    I plan to add more items in the next few weeks as my husband returns from Morocco with more goodies for the market!
  • Speaking of spices, two of the lovely ladies that offered to review the mixes posted their reviews.   Stop by their blogs for some honest opinions about the mixes.  Special thanks to them for offering to be testers!
    • Cheryl at Madhouse Family Reviews posted her review here.
    • Angharad at Edible Glitter shared her review here.
    • Please stop by and visit these lovely ladies who were so kind! 

I feel like I’ve been neglecting you lately but in all honesty I just haven’t been cooking!  I’ve had a hard time getting motivated to cook for just me.  But don’t worry my family will be returning in 14 days (but who’s counting…) and then rest assured I will be cooking up a storm again!!


  1. A plane to India? Come now you know that this is better!! ;) just kidding! I will have to play around and see what kind of feedback there might be. I plan to make it a regular feature so if you miss it this time, hopefully you will catch it next!

  2. I will be on a plane to India when the live cooking event takes place. Will it be possible to watch it back at a later date? :-) I am still thinking about that tagine spice mix…YUM! xxx

  3. Thanks for links to all of the Morocco resources. I was always fascinated with Morocco, now I can continue to educate myself and dream of a day when I can visit.

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