Slow- Cooker Brisket

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It’s Wednesday – and that means no time to cook dinner tonight.  It was a few weeks ago, when Passover season was alive and well that I found a recipe on the Pioneer Woman website for beef brisket.  I hadn’t had this in ages but I certainly remembered liking it!  This recipe is super easy.  My husband hates barbeque sauce but for some reason he didn’t equate this with barbeque sauce and thus really enjoyed it!

Basically all you need to pick up is a brisket – I went with a 3 lb version from the market.  Then trim off the underside fat – be for-warned if you haven’t seen a brisket before there’s a good deal of fat on it.  Don’t worry just get out a big knife and trim it really well. 

Next fire up that slow cooker.  I added a bit of vegetable oil to the bottom, then some garlic about 2 tsp because we like garlic here.  Then about half a big bottle of ketchup and a package of onion soup mix.  Then I tossed in some cayenne pepper, salt, and cumin.  Oh and a bit of water to make sure there was enough liquid.
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Here we have the brisket in the slow cooker.  I turned it on low for about 5-6 hours. 

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When ready to eat just pull out of the slow cooker and slice into pieces making sure to remove any fat that managed to hold on.  Then chop it up into small pieces.   Return it to the slow cooker juices. 
Very tasty eaten on crusty rolls.  I added cheddar cheese to mine, hubby added some cooked onions on top.  There were leftovers but they didn’t last very long.

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Amanda MouttakiSlow- Cooker Brisket


  1. Amanda

    @Nisrine – Thanks for stopping in! Hope to see you here more!

    @Amanda – I think he will like it ;) You could make it in the oven on low for a looong time too

  2. Amanda in Rabat

    As usual, looks like a great recipe that I'll have to put on the "back burner" until I have a slow cooker in my life again! But, actually, I think my DH would like this dish too- or here's hoping anyway. :)

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