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Eating for Eid

Eid has come and gone here and I have to say this year was not quite what it was in years past. When we lived in Washington DC it was a much bigger occasion, albeit there was a much much larger community as well. I think it’s safe to say I did miss the Eid celebration this year. In Washington we got up early and went a farm with a ton of other families and some of our close friends. We packed a breakfast picnic, chose our sheep, the kids played and we did the sacrifice. In the afternoon we went to a friend’s house and made salads, grilled the traditional liver brochettes that Moroccans make the first day of Eid. I remember standing in the kitchen for a few hours, while the kids all played, the husband’s were outside grilling and we were chatting away. It really was so much fun. I miss all those friends so much in these days after Eid.

I did try my best to bring some of the holiday spirit in. We sent money to my husband’s family to purchase a sheep because we just would put so much of the meat to waste as our mosque is not equipped to donate the meat to the needy. (The customary tradition is to keep 1/3, share 1/3 with family or friends and donate 1/3 to the needy. We instead opted to buy a small leg of lamb in place of doing a full sacrifice. It also happened that Eid was on Black Friday here in the US. My mom and I went shopping at 5am and that hampered the preparations a little bit. Oh and my skewers for the kebabs are lost. Of course I didn’t realize that until 15 minutes before I was going to cook the meat. So a few minor setbacks!

Finally our menu consisted of:

-Lamb kebabs (sans the kebab and instead cooked on the baking sheet in the oven – I wouldn’t do this again)
- sweet potato samosas with dipping sauce
- taktouka (tomato and roasted pepper salad)
- green bean salad in vinegarette
- Carrot salad
- Green salad with tomatoes and cucumbers
- Lebanese Rice
- Konnafa (that had to be sacrificed in the chaos of the day)

My mom and grandma came to have dinner with us and I have to say I was not completely happy with how the meal turned out. I was pressed for time, I didn’t get to cook the lamb the way I was planning and my husband was a bit crabby. Last night (Saturday) our mosque had a small Eid celebration, with lamb and lots of food. We went and the kids behaved! We really did end up having a good time and I was glad that we did go. I know that it is really hard for my husband to be away from his family during holidays and so any glimmer of familiarity is a good thing.

I have the recipes for a few of the items already posted but I plan to work my way through the rest and put them up. Watch for links!

Oh, one other update – we’re completely moved into our house now. I plan to update much much more regularly now that some normalcy has returned to our lives.


  1. Ask and you shall receive!

  2. Sounds nice! What's your recipe for Lebanese rice…you know I'm interested in that! I don't make rice often and even though I'm Lebanese we didn't really have a Lebanese rice growing up!

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